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Slip and Fall Injuries | Dallas Swimming Pool Accidents

When people go to the pool, they expect their day to be filled with fun under the sun. Sadly, sometimes days at the pool in Dallas can end in serious injury or death. When this kind of tragedy happens, it’s important to have an accident lawyer in Dallas on your side. Our staff at Carabin Shaw knows all about swimming pool accident cases, and how to win them. We’ve been serving Texans for over two decades, and we care about helping you and your family get through the difficult aftermath that follows Dallas swimming pool accidents. If you’ve sustained swimming pool slip and fall injuries, you deserve compensation.

Causes of Slips And Falls

At Dallas pools, accidents typically happen when the surfaces around a pool become wet or slick. The most common cause of this is water, but things like spilled sunscreen can also be the culprit. The area around a pool is usually concrete, which makes slips and falls more dangerous. If you have questions, an attorney can answer them.

In addition to the deck around the pool, there are a number of other potential places for slips and falls to occur. Diving boards, for instance, can be a major hazard, especially if they are not properly installed or maintained. Cracked or broken staircases can also be the source of a slip and fall. At public pools, the dressing rooms and bathrooms can be dangerous because they are usually tiled and get wet throughout the day from people getting in and out of the pool. Talk to a Dallas personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Slip And Fall Injuries

Swimming pool slip and fall injuries can be severe. When someone slips and falls at the pool, they are at severe risk for head and spinal injury. Sometimes these injuries can lead to unconsciousness or paralysis, which can be especially dangerous if the person falls into the pool afterward where they could potentially drown.

The following are the types of injuries caused by slip and fall accidents:

  • Spinal injuries - Spinal injuries are defined as severance or compression of the spinal cord. These injuries are severe and often life-threatening, with the potential to cause paralysis. The resulting medical bills from a spinal injury can be immense. Talk to an accident lawyer in Dallas to understand what to do after a spinal injury.
  • Head trauma - Head injuries always have the potential to be serious, even if at first they seem minor. Any injury to your head should be cause for a trip to the doctor. Some head injuries such as minor concussions will heal on their own, while other types of head and brain trauma can permanently affect your life.
  • Broken bones - Broken bones should always be treated by a doctor, whether it’s a minor fracture or something much more severe. If you sustained a broken bone in a swimming pool accident, a Dallas personal injury lawyer can help.
  • Cuts and abrasions - Many slips and falls at the pool come with cuts and abrasions. Typically, cuts and abrasions are the least severe type of injury that occur during Dallas swimming pool accidents, but sometimes they require stitches or more serious medical treatment.
After a Swimming Pool Slip and Fall

When you or a loved one is injured in a swimming pool accident, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Sure, you can pursue your case alone, but without the help of a lawyer it’s hard to make your case and get what you are rightfully owed. Our staff at Carabin Shaw understands what it takes to win swimming pool accident cases, and we believe in fighting with all our power for every client that walks through our doors. Don’t wait. An accident lawyer in Dallas is ready to hear your case and work with you to get you justice. Call us today and speak with the lawyer you need. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-862-1260.

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