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Suffering from a Severe Swimming Pool Injury in Texas?

In Houston, our pools should be a place of fun and relaxation. Yet, in some circumstances, pools become a source of great pain. Are you or one of your loved ones suffering from a severe swimming pool injury in Texas? If so, we want to express our condolences for your pain.

A swimming pool injury can have serious effects that can plague a family for years. To help with this, we recommend seeking the services of a swimming pool accident lawyer in Houston. They can help you determine if you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injury.

Carabin Shaw Law Firm can help

Our firm boasts the best and brightest swimming pool injury attorneys in the nation. Our record of successes is well-known and well-respected. We can confidently assure you that if you would like to make a Texas swimming pool injury claim, Carabin Shaw can provide the top quality service you deserve.

Some of the Most Common Severe Swimming Pool Injuries Include
  • Swimming Pool Diving Accident
    Diving is a dangerous activity. Diving headfirst into any body of water immediately puts a person at high risk for impact, and a diving headfirst into a swimming pool can be even more dangerous as most are shallow. Some people think the water will slow down or soften any potential impact, but the fact is diving can create a high-force impact.
    The lining of a swimming pool is hard and unyielding, so an impact can do serious damage. Public pools are required to post a “No Diving” sign that is clearly visible to the swimmers. If public pools do not meet that requirement, they may be held liable by a lawyer for any consequent injuries.
  • Swimming Pool Drain Accident
    Unfortunately, drains are often a source of drownings, specifically for children. Due to their size and shape, children can easily look down into drains, become unbalanced, and tip headfirst into the drain. This horrific accident occurs far too often. For this reason, it is essential that pool owners have well-fitted covers on all pool drains, and those who fail to comply and cause an accident should be held accountable by a swimming pool accident lawyer in Houston.
  • Swimming Pool Traumatic Brain Injury
    Many of the injuries that come from swimming pools affect the brain. As we noted about diving, any kind of severe impact between a person’s head and the pool surface can result in a traumatic brain injury.
    The brain can also become damaged through oxygen deprivation. If a person is underwater for too long, the brain can receive severe, possibly permanent damage. The brain is an extremely fragile organ. Any kind of impact or prolonged oxygen deprivation can cause a traumatic brain injury.
  • Swimming Pool Electrical Accident
    Nearly all swimming pools in Houston incorporate some electrical wiring to operate. For example, pools use electrical wiring to work the pump and cleaning functions, as well as any kind of extra water features like fountains and waterfalls. The electrical wiring should be done professionally and safely. If the installer performs their job poorly or if the pool owner fails to keep the wiring safe, a Texas swimming pool injury claim may be warranted. Contacting a personal injury attorney can help you do that.
How to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you or one of your loved ones have had to endure any of these accidents or any other accidents, Carabin Shaw is here to help. Our law firm can provide the resources and experience that victims need when they have suffered a swimming pool accident.

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