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Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Laredo Attorneys

Both local culture and rich tradition provide visitors with a taste of Southwest culture and a flair of Mexican influence that makes Laredo, Texas one of the most enriching towns to visit in South Texas. In fact, approximately 1.2 million tourists visit Laredo per year, and hotel room occupancy in Laredo, Texas consistently averages about 67%. However, temporary stints in hotels and motels often contain dangers, some of which can be invisible to the human eye.

Most lawyers know that every time you stay in a hotel or motel in Laredo, Texas, or elsewhere in the state, you subject yourself and your family to the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning in a hotel or motel occurs when a gas-burning appliance, like a furnace or water heater, leaks harmful carbon monoxide fumes into the air. These fumes then disperse through vents and air ducts, sometimes injuring the occupants of those rooms.

If you or a loved one were injured as a result of carbon monoxide exposure, call an attorney at Carabin Shaw today.

If You Face Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Laredo Attorneys Can Help

Perhaps the most dangerous characteristic of carbon monoxide poisoning is that it is impossible to detect without an alarm because it is tasteless, odorless, colorless. That said, you can identify some symptoms early on.

You can monitor some carbon monoxide poisoning's immediate symptoms, like headaches, irritability, nausea, when you stay in a hotel room. The best thing you can do for yourself is to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge of symptoms. Once you understand carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms and their causes, you can diagnose the problem and prevent further injury.

Some of the most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning Laredo attorneys recognize can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Weakness/faintness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blurred vision
What are the Consequences of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

The effects of carbon monoxide poisoning can last long after you check out of the hotel. Due to the interconnectedness of most hotel’s ventilation systems, multiple rooms can experience a carbon monoxide poisoning at the same time. Thus, it is always a good idea to consult with other guests who are staying in the hotel at the same time and might share your symptoms.

The lasting symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are more insidious than a headache, though. A few examples of the long-term effects/symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning often include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Heart complications
  • Brain damage
  • Breathing complications
  • Coma
  • Death

Carbon monoxide poisoning can affect anyone, regardless of physique, age, or health. However, there are a few demographics that are generally more susceptible to the dangerous and sometimes fatal effects of carbon monoxide exposure. In particular, the elderly, pregnant women, and small children face elevated risks associated with carbon monoxide exposure.

Carabin Shaw Laredo Accident Attorneys are Here for You

Unfortunately, there is little to no regulation in Texas regarding carbon monoxide exposure and safety in hotel rooms. If you or someone you care about has been affected by a carbon monoxide leak in a hotel or motel, do not hesitate: call our lawyers today.

The quicker you enlist the services of experienced carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers in Laredo, the better your chances of full compensation for your injuries. The guidance of an attorney can help determine who was at fault and who the law may hold responsible as you pursue compensation for your symptoms, damages, and injuries related to carbon monoxide exposure.

At Carabin Shaw, we will help answer all your questions and help to settle your case swiftly and effectively. To meet our team and schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, Laredo attorneys from Carabin Shaw are here for you.

Carabin Shaw attorneys are here for you; for more information, call our Laredo injury lawyers today. Call our Laredo, Texas office at 956-333-3333 or toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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