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Usually the people in the other vehicle are not able to walk away from the accident, whereas the driver of the truck is. You are likely facing an arduous and timely recovery if you are a part of an accident involving an 18-Wheeler, and you may even suffer permanent impairments.

Looking for the Truth

Though it is safe to think that an investigating officer will conduct a fair and full investigation, it is not always the case. Sometimes, an officer will simply believe what the truck driver says, and the accident report can be one-sided.

It is important to have your own lawyer to protect your rights and interests to a fair compensation Once you contact us, we will obtain the necessary evidence to prove liability of the truck driver or trucking company. We also examine any possible causes of the accident, including drug or alcohol abuse, improper maintenance, speeding, driver fatigue, or any other negligence.

The insurance company, who represents the trucking company, will do all it can to protect itself from liability. It will not have to pay anything to you if it can shift liability from the truck driver to you, and with potential millions of dollars at stake, it will conduct an extensive investigation quickly to prove it.

This means that the evidence that you may need to prove the truck driver liability may literally drive away from the scene.

We look for the truth when we investigate a truck accident. Who was at fault? Was the truck driver obeying the speed limit? Was it because the truck was improperly loaded or possibly overloaded? Did the truck driver take federally required rest breaks?

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