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Texas Oilfield Accident Attorney | Personal Injury Firm

Have you been injured in a Fort Stockton oilfield accident? You are likely entitled to some compensation. An injury sustained while working at an oilfield can result in medical bills and lost wages—costs that you deserve to see recovered. Contact Carabin Shaw’s West Texas office to speak to a Fort Stockton oilfield accident lawyer about a lawsuit today, and begin your process of financial recovery.

What Causes Oilfield Injuries?

Oilfield work requires operating heavy machinery and working near highly-combustible materials, which makes the work inherently hazardous. However, careful supervision and adherence to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations can help curb most injuries. Consider the following types of injury that can result from negligence on an oilfield. If any of them sound similar to what happened to you, do not hesitate to contact a Fort Stockton injury lawyer to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit.


Explosions are unfortunately common in oilfield work due to the combustible nature of the materials present. However, careful attention to equipment maintenance and operation can help workers avoid these accidents. Additionally, welding or other activities that create sparks too close to combustible material can cause a fire. Attentive supervision and adherence to safety regulations can prevent explosions. If an oilfield explosion injured you, consider contacting a Fort Stockton oilfield accident lawyer to discuss whether you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

Oilfield work entails working close to potentially hazardous and carcinogenic chemicals, such as benzene or hydrofluoric acid. OSHA requires companies to provide employees with protective equipment and eye-and skin-wash stations in the case of accidental contact. Negligent supervision could lead to workers having inadequate protection from these chemicals. Insufficient safety measures in the case of accidental exposure can also cause problems. If you have exposure to hazardous chemicals hurt you, contact a Fort Stockton injury lawyer with experience in these cases to discuss how you can receive compensation for this negligence.

Vehicle Accidents

Working on an oilfield means operating or working in proximity to heavy machines, such as tanker trucks and drilling equipment. These vehicles are difficult to maneuver and carry highly-flammable material, which means that collisions are both a definite possibility and can be disastrous. A vehicle accident on an oilfield can be due to either operator error and inadequate training. Poor maintenance of those vehicles can also cause accidents. Both of these are ultimately the result of negligent supervision and hiring practices. Supervisors should make sure that only people with proper licensing and training drive these vehicles. They should also keep trucks up-to-date on maintenance. If a vehicle accident on an oilfield injured you, contact a Fort Stockton oilfield accident lawyer to discuss securing compensation.

Working with an Oilfield Injury Attorney in Fort Stockton

Texas sees more oilfield deaths than any other state, numbering 216 from 2008 to 2012. As a result, oilfield injury lawsuits are also common. You will not have trouble finding a Texas oilfield accident attorney.

However, you should be selective when choosing a lawyer. Keep in mind that oil companies have extensive legal resources and corporate attorneys. Your lawyer should have the skill and experience necessary to navigate around that opposition. Your representative should have a comprehensive record of helping individuals, not corporations, receive the compensation that they deserve.

Carabin Shaw’s attorneys have extensive combined experience representing—and winning—cases like yours, and a record that shows dedication to their clients. Contact our office serving Fort Stockton today at 915-779-2301 or 1-800-862-1260 to discuss your case and begin the process of getting what you deserve.

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