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Trucking Accident Attorney in Deming New Mexico

In many ways, the semi-trucks that drive constantly across the United States—and all along the highways of Deming, New Mexico—are the necessary grease that keeps gears of the modern economy turning smoothly. However, if you’ve ever taken a good look at an 18 wheeler, you can easily see how these massive vehicles can cause a tremendous amount of damage if they crash.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. But while an 18 wheeler accident is a terrifying and horrific event, the aftermath of one doesn’t have to be—especially if you have a good Deming injury lawyer on your side. So when the dust has settled and you begin looking for a truck accident lawyer in Deming, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Make Sure Your Attorney Has Experience With 18 Wheeler Accident Claims

Truck accidents are notoriously complicated and difficult to litigate. This is because there may be several parties attached to the accident, in addition to the truck driver. This may include the trucking company, parts manufacturers, the company that packed the truck, and/or the mechanic that last inspected the truck. It all depends on what caused your accident.

In addition, each of these third parties will have insurance companies and teams of lawyers working for them, people whose sole job is to reduce the payout you receive in compensation, whether in settlement or in a trial.

So make sure your lawyer has worked on cases like these before. New Mexico attorney James Shaw, for example, has over thirty years of experience with all manner of personal injury cases, especially trucking accidents, and has fought countless battles with trucking companies and their insurance companies, both in and out of a courtroom.

Resources To Fight After a Trucking Accident Attorney in Deming, New Mexico

As noted above, there may be a lot of people involved in your case—insurance adjusters, lawyers, and other professionals—who all represent different interests, and you need someone who has the resources to represent yours. For example, your Deming injury lawyer may need to hire an outside investigator or forensics specialist to recreate the accident scene in order to prove liability. They may also need additional support from other lawyers or other staff to keep all the details of your case aligned.

New Mexico attorney James Shaw is the managing partner of Carabin Shaw, a large and well-regarded Texas personal injury firm that has helped clients win over $1 billion over the past few decades. His law firm has all of the resources, staff, and facilities to help you fight the insurance companies and their lawyers. In other words, Mr. Shaw is well equipped to get you the settlement you deserve.

Compassion and Justice

There’s more to a lawyer, though, than filing a lawsuit and simply getting the most amount of compensation. You want to make sure you find a lawyer that is compassionate and trustworthy, someone who you feel you can talk to.

These intangibles will make for a better experience overall, and help give you a peace of mind. A good attorney should allow you to make a free consultation to discuss your case, with no obligation or strings attached. You should never feel pressured to hire an attorney, even after you’ve spent some time on the phone with them. They should earn your trust first.

Next Steps: Contact Trusted New Mexico Attorney James Shaw

When you begin looking for a truck accident lawyer in Deming, keep in mind that 18 wheeler accidents are much more complicated and difficult to litigate than standard car accidents. So while you need to hire a lawyer who you trust and will listen to you, also make sure you hire someone who has the resources and experience to fight for you to get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Read more about Mr. Shaw and his firm, Carabin Shawhere, or call 1-800-555-0101 to make an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation. Let Carabin Shaw fight for you, so you can spend time focusing on healing and getting on with your life after your accident.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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We did our research after our accident and chose Carabin Shaw. They were great. Highly recommend. Joel Y.