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TX Premises Liability Lawyers | Injured Austin Tenants

Although it is one of the most common categories of personal injury accident, premises liability cases are uncommonly discussed, known, or understood. Premises liability cases are the result of being injured on another individual or company’s property, due to negligence on the part of the property owner. This property can be a home, mall, restaurant, or other owned property. In Austin, where construction on roads and sidewalks is constant and many restaurants and public spaces are still recently reopened, the threat of injury becomes a constant. If you have suffered from a slip and fall accident, dog bite, water leak, or any other dangerous accident, Texas attorneys at Carabin Shaw are ready to help you fight for your maximum settlement.

You have a basic right to safety when entering a property in Austin, a right firmly supported by lawyers at Carabin Shaw. After a premises liability accident, you are likely looking for expert help in filing your unique case. You may be facing an injury that resulted in reduced work hours, high medical bills, and reduced agency in your own life caused by newly limited mobility. Any of these losses may entitle you to substantial compensation from the negligent party, varying based on the type of accident you experienced. Attorneys at Carabin Shaw will help you file your claim, determine liability, and estimate the value of your personal injury claim.

TX Premises Liability Lawyers

Carabin Shaw has committed over thirty years of expert service to Austin communities and, as such, our experts have masterful knowledge of laws as they apply to premises liability cases in Austin. Because your claim depends heavily on why you were on a premises in Austin, we have provided those categories for you here.

  • The first category of visitor to a premises is an invitee, an individual who is on the premises for the mutual benefit of themself and the property owner. Any customer in a retail environment is within this category, for example, or a customer at a restaurant, public pool, etc. Invitees are entitled to the highest level of safety, and premises owners of these establishments must make all potential dangers known and actively inspect for those dangers as well.
  • A licensee is a visitor to a property with the knowledge of the owner for reasons outside commerce. Usually this includes house visitors, family or friends, or other individuals who are there without a specific benefit to the property owner. For such visitors, the owners must make them aware of all potential and known dangers, but such property owners are not typically liable for dangers that they were not aware of. As such, these property owners are not required to regularly inspect their property.
  • The final category of visitor is a trespasser, or an individual on the property without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Property owners may not intentionally cause harm to such individuals, but they are not liable for the accidents that occur on the property in most cases. Because there are some exceptions, working with a premises liability attorney in Austin Tx is vital to your case.
Austin Premises Liability Attorneys at Carabin Shaw

If you have been injured on another’s property, due to their negligence, then you may have a case. Working with an expert attorney at Carabin Shaw will ensure that your case is as well presented as possible. Our experts are the best in their field, a fact supported well by Carabin Shaw’s client reviews. Our attorneys will support you every step of the way, and offer free case review and initial consultation as a first step in the fight for the justice that you deserve.

Furthermore, our contingent-fee agreement means that you pay nothing out of pocket for the guidance of our lawyers, until your case is won. You deserve the best Austin Texas premises liability attorneys, and our English AND Spanish-speaking staff is available 24/7 and toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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