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Types of Swimming Pool Accidents | South Florida Injury Lawyers

As the summer months approach, more and more Americans will be taking advantage of summertime activities such as swimming. And sadly, this means that swimming pool accidents will soon be on the rise—both nationwide and right here in South Florida. If you plan on going swimming soon or arranging a family outing to a local pool, it’s important to know the types of swimming pool accidents and how to prevent them. Fortunately, the experts at our South Florida injury law firm are here to help. Read on to learn how to stay safe in the water, and learn how to contact the right South Florida injury attorneys if an accident has already occurred.

Common Swimming Pool Accidents and Their Causes:

Slip and Falls

The most common type of swimming pool accidents is a slip and fall, which are common around pools due to the prevalence of wet, slick surfaces. Slip and falls can range from minor to serious with injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injury.

To prevent slip and falls, pool toys and equipment should be stored away from the pool to avoid tripping hazards, and children should be taught not to run near pools.

Drowning and Near-Drowning Accidents

Drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in America, and one in five people who die from drowning are children under the age of fourteen. And near-drownings may cause serious, lifelong injuries as well.

Drowning can happen for many reasons, including a lack of swimming ability, intoxication, panic, having a seizure or cardiac event while in water, a lack of supervision, and more.

The good news is that drowning is preventable. To reduce the risk of drowning, experts suggest:

  • Teaching children how to swim
  • Learn CPR
  • Familiarize yourself with the signs of drowning (many people do not know that drowning is usually silent and can be difficult to spot). A drowning person will often have their head low in the water and tilted back, with their mouth open. Their eyes may be glassy and unfocused, and they may hyperventilate. They will not be able to call for help.
  • When swimming with children, keep them within arm’s length
  • Fence all pools and install alarms around the perimeter
Diving Accidents

Diving accidents occur when a person is injured after diving into a pool, and may be caused by a number of factors. They often occur when a person dives headfirst into water that is too shallow, or when someone hits the pool wall during a dive.

In order to prevent these types of accidents, all pool owners need to clearly mark the depths of the water around the pool and must post warnings against diving if the pool is too shallow.

Have You Been Hurt in a Swimming Pool Accident? You Need a Lawyer

These are just a few of the types of swimming pool accidents; swimming pools pose numerous dangers, and many swimming pool accidents can be devastating. No matter the cause of the accident, it’s important to meet with an attorney to discuss your next steps after a serious swimming pool injury. A personal injury claim can help you and your family get the justice and compensation you deserve for your damages, such as medical bills or pain and suffering.

Here at Carabin Shaw, our attorneys can help you navigate the aftermath of the accident and inform you of your legal options. That way, you can make the decision that is right for you. Our South Florida injury law firm specializes in these types of accidents and want to give you the information you need—and your first consultation with a lawyer is completely free.

To schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate South Florida injury attorneys, call our Carabin Shaw office serving South Florida at 1-800-862-1260. Don’t wait—call us to learn how a qualified lawyer can help you today.

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