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Uber Accident Policy: Austin Attorneys

With a presence in 600 cities across the United States, the rideshare company Uber now employs more than 3 million drivers. Estimates show that roughly 75 million people have used Uber. Additionally, as of June 2018, Uber provides daily trips for approximately 15 million passengers. There is no doubt that Uber’s presence has its benefits in crowded Texas cities, like Austin, Texas. However, accidents occur. What happens when they involve an on-duty rideshare employee carrying passengers?

An Austin Uber accident lawsuit still lacks much legal precedent. Because of this, Austin auto accidents that involve Uber or Lyft drivers can be murky legal situations for all parties involved. Thus, self-education is an optimal first line of support when seeking compensation for damages after involvement in an Uber accident as a passenger. The next step in your defense is enlisting the help of an experienced lawyer.

What to Do About Uber’s Accident Policy: Austin Attorneys Know

The Austin, Texas attorneys of Carabin Shaw have experience dealing with a multitude of settlements related to personal injury. In the event of an accident while in an Uber, knowledgeable Austin attorneys can unpack Uber’s accident policy for you. Uber considers its drivers independent contractors, which means that the company itself does not generally claim responsibility in the event of an accident.

Unless the accident can be directly linked to careless or negligent hiring practices, for example, the driver must assume culpability. In this way, Uber avoids claiming liability beyond a few basic regulations, such as requiring their drivers to carry proper liability coverage that either meets or exceeds each state’s basic requirements before ever clocking in and working a shift.

Uber Periods

Perhaps the best way to protect yourself against an accident during your Uber ride is to remain active and aware throughout your trip. Even before you ever get into an Uber, there are a few things you should know about the technical structure of the company’s transactions. An Uber ride consists of three segments, broken into sections commonly referred to as “periods.”

Period 1: Customer Requests Ride
When you request an Uber you are in Period 1. As soon as you request the ride, your ticket begins. Once this happens, a driver in the area accepts your request.

Period 2: Driver Makes His or Her Way to the Customer
Period 2 is the time between the driver receiving and accepting this request and making his or her way to the customer’s location for pick up. During Period 2, it is always a good idea to take a screenshot of your ride information (driver, location(s), map, etc.) for your own records.

Period 3: The Duration Of The Ride
Once you get in the Uber and your ride begins, it is Period 3. Period 3 lasts through the conclusion of your trip. At the end of your ride, it is a good idea to take another screenshot of your ride receipt for your records. In the event that anything happens, you will have further proof of the specific circumstances surrounding the collision.

Uber Accident Policy: Austin Attorneys Know Best

If you or someone you care about has been involved in an accident while riding in an Uber in Austin, Texas, the first thing you should do after receiving medical attention is seek legal counsel. Fortunately, a Carabin Shaw Austin Uber accident lawyer is here for you. For settlement cases that lack significant precedent, an attorney will help you strengthen and assemble your case.

Contact the lawyers of Carabin Shaw today to set up a free initial consultation. Our team of attorneys is standing by to answer all of your questions and help you navigate the confusing legal territory of Uber-related accidents. Don’t let another driver’s carelessness affect your quality of life without holding him or her accountable for his or her actions.

Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience fighting for the rights of Texans. Call us at our Austin, Texas offices at 512-832-1101, or anytime, toll-free, at 800-862-1260. Our Austin auto injury lawyers are committed to obtaining maximum compensation for all our clients, every time, no matter what.

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