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Understanding Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Deming

With more traffic on New Mexico roads than ever, commercial traffic has increased exponentially. With the increase of commercial vehicles on the road comes an increase in commercial vehicle accidents and the legal complexities they entail. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents in Deming, New Mexico may be unsure what to do in the aftermath of their accident. Who should be held liable for a commercial vehicle accident—a driver or their employer? What constitutes a “commercial vehicle”? What damages are you eligible to claim?

If you need help understanding commercial vehicle accidents in Deming, contact a Deming truck accident attorney to learn more. With years of experience representing accident victims like you, these lawyers will help demystify the process of filing an accident claim and seeking financial settlement.

New Mexico Laws Regarding Commercial Vehicle Accidents

There is much more to commercial vehicle accidents than just 18-wheeler collisions. The phrase “commercial vehicle” covers everything from passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, limousines, cargo vans, sport utility vehicles, and more. The only difference between these vehicles and others on the road is that commercial vehicles are contracted by an employer and operated in the scope of a driver’s job duties. If there is debate over how to classify a vehicle, insurance companies or the DMV can establish the vehicle’s usage and therefore classification.

Commercial trucking companies must abide by all Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations including limitations on the number of consecutive hours drivers can be on the road. In addition, trucking companies must take responsibility for their employees. This precedent of vicarious liability is otherwise known as “respondeat superior.” Note that this does not apply to drivers who are independent contractors.

The New Mexico Motor Transportation Police work to enforce statewide regulations such as permits for oversize cargo, commercial driving safety regulations, and Commercial motor vehicle driver and mechanical inspections. If a commercial driver or their employer are found to be in violation of any state or federal laws, they can be held financially liable for any damages their violation has caused.

How a Deming Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

The most important factor in a successful commercial vehicle accident suit is an experienced Deming commercial vehicle accident lawyer. While it is always within your legal right to represent yourself, you are susceptible to predatory insurance companies exploiting your lack of legal expertise. New Mexico truck accident attorneys will have the necessary experience with commercial truck accident and personal injury law to navigate your accident claim.

Establishing where responsibility lies in commercial vehicle accident claims can be a complicated process, so make sure your rights are protected in settlement negotiations. Commercial vehicle accident victims deserve fair financial compensation, but insurance companies will not pay up without a fight.

Trust New Mexico Attorney James Shaw With Your Potential Claim

James Shaw is a commercial vehicle accident attorney with a history of winning justice for accident victims and their families. With thirty years of legal experience as a founding partner of Carabin Shaw, his specialty areas include personal injury law, automobile accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and commercial vehicle accidents—all necessary experience to successfully navigate a New Mexico commercial vehicle accident claim.

If you or a loved one were injured in a commercial vehicle accident, contact the offices of New Mexico attorney James Shaw today. Call toll-free at 1-800-555-0101 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation or visit James Shaw's page on our website to learn more. Our office staff is available to assist with your customer service needs.

At Carabin Shaw, we know that the choice of legal representation is a serious one for accident victims and their families. Our Deming commercial vehicle accident lawyers commit to handling your accident claim with the care and determination you deserve so you can get the financial compensation you need.

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