Understanding Contingent Fee Contracts

At Carabin & Shaw, P.C., we represent the injured on a contingent-fee basis. Whether your case involves an auto accident, wrongful death, semi-truck accidents, workers' compensation, social security disability, burn injury, medical malpractice, or an animal attack, our personal injury lawyers in Texas will collect no attorney's fees unless we win your case and you receive a settlement or an award.

Our law firm advances filing fees and litigation expenses for your case and is only reimbursed at the end of your case. No fees or litigation expenses are charged to our clients unless Carabin & Shaw wins your case. The personal injury and product liability lawyers of our Texas law firm put your priorities first.

If no recovery is obtained, our out-of-pocket cost and expenses incurred are waived. The law firm computes its fee as a percentage of the total recovery obtained.

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