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Uvalde 18-Wheeler Accident Fatalities

18-wheeler accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and property damage. Annually there are over 500,000 commercial trucking accidents that rake in over millions of dollars in property damage. Worst of all, these accidents cause over 5,000 deaths a year, with the victims mainly being the hapless motorist involved. These accidents can leave the family members of the victim in a whirlwind of stress and anxiety. If you live in Uvalde and have lost a loved one in an accidental death caused by an 18-wheeler accident, call a Uvalde accidental death lawyer at Carabin Shaw. We know these times are extremely difficult and painful to manage, and we work hard to alleviate the added pressure of seeking the compensation needed to take care of unexpected expenses, pain, and suffering.

The sheer weight of an 18-wheeler demonstrates why accidents involving these trucks can often result in death. Weighing in at over 10,000 pounds, an 18-wheeler must battle against itself when making quick stops, driving in high winds, and maneuvering narrow roadways. Semi-trucks weigh over 14 times the amount of a normal car. If these two vehicles happen to collide with one another, the semi-truck causes irreparable damages to the passenger vehicle, which can result in an accidental or wrongful death. If you think you are a victim of a Uvalde wrongful death, contact Carabin Shaw today to speak to an attorney.

Uvalde 18-Wheeler Accident Fatalities

Some commercial semi-truck drivers can be negligent, creating a stigma of fear in passenger vehicle drivers. When passing an 18-wheeler on the road, you can often feel a palpable sense of nervousness. Some drivers may tense up at the wheel or increase their speed with a sense of urgency in order to evade the semi-truck. The horror stories that have bounced around from ear to ear contribute to the anxiety of driving near semi-trucks. This stigma is not grounded in statistics though, as 98 percent of accidents involving an 18-wheeler are caused by a passenger vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, 18-wheelers are some of the safest drivers on the roads. Many accidents that involve commercial semi-trucks are at the fault of the passenger vehicles. In fact, the last major 18-wheeler accident to happen in Uvalde was in 2014 involving two commercial semi-trucks, and 1 cargo truck. It just so happens that this accident was caused by the cargo truck, resulting in the motorist's death. In this case, you could not make a wrongful death claim, but it would qualify as an accidental death claim. If your loved one has been killed in a Uvalde 18-wheeler accident, contact Carabin Shaw’s attorneys.

A fatal accident can leave family members of the deceased in financial worries and stress. Funeral costs, insurance paperwork, and grief can be nearly impossible to handle on your own. By seeking help, you are ensuring a smoother transition to move past this horrible situation.

A lawyer will take you through the pre-litigation phase first by investigating the wreck and making sure your paperwork is set to file a lawsuit. Then you will go into litigation phase, followed by a settlement phase. You must find a well-equipped lawyer to handle these phases for you in a timely and effective manner.

Carabin Shaw’s Uvalde 18-Wheeler Accident Fatalities Attorney

If you or your family experiences a Uvalde 18-wheeler accident fatality, you need to know whom you can turn to. Our attorneys are here to help you by offering their immense knowledge of litigation on wrongful and accidental death claims. Carabin Shaw’s lawyers use their law firm’s 25 years of experience to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call Carabin Shaw in Uvalde today for a free consultation day or night at 800-862-1260.

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