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Uvalde Commercial Trucker Driver Fatigue

It is no secret that fatigue can be fatal when a tired driver gets behind the wheel. Driver fatigue is one of the major causes of car accidents, and in some cases, it can be just as dangerous as intoxication. The difference lies in the fact that the legal limit of alcohol can be detected and quantified on site. Tiredness cannot be so easily proven as the reason for driver negligence. Recent European studies discovered that lack of sleep is accountable for anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of all crashes. Thus, lack of sleep affects your ability to operate machinery safely in much the same way alcohol does. Depth perception, peripheral vision, focus, awareness, and reaction time can all be altered when your body does not receive proper rest. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in an accident due to another driver’s fatigue, an experienced Uvalde truck accident lawyer with Carabin Shaw can help you recover proper compensation for your injuries after Uvalde 18 wheeler accidents.

Driver fatigue is responsible for 40% of all commercial truck accidents in the United States. Don’t let an incident like that continue to impact your life because your lawyer wasn’t within close proximity, or attentive enough to your needs to give you the best chance to fight a winning battle. We want to minimize damages caused by Uvalde commercial trucker driver fatigue and reduced any incidental post-accident harm and/or stress on victims.

When a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler truck crashes into a smaller passenger vehicle, the accident can cause serious damage to any and all parties, including sometimes even catastrophic loss. Truck drivers possess control of hundreds of pounds of metal, thundering down the road at speeds that make it difficult to stop, especially if lack of sleep in any way deprives their motor functions. Just as they possess control of this metal, the rate at which they can lose this control can be instantly debilitating and occasionally fatal. After enduring an accident because of a sleep deprived commercial truck driver, a qualified Uvalde commercial trucker driver fatigue accident attorney with Carabin Shaw can assist you in holding all accountable parties responsible for your injuries and any other incurred loss or encumbrance.

Whether your case requires negotiations, mediation, or litigation, our attorneys will approach the circumstances surrounding hearings, settlements, etc. head on for every truck accident fatigue case. Negligent trucking companies may send overbooked and overworked drivers who suffer from driver fatigue into the field. This sort of corporate and work safety neglect can cause serious accidents and injuries. At Carabin Shaw, our lawyers always examine all possible parties responsible in the accident, including possibly the inattentive employers of the fatigued truck driver at fault. We have attorneys in Uvalde who will provide you with the information you deserve to know regarding Uvalde commercial trucker driver fatigue in order to get you through the ordeal quickly and effectively.

All operators of motor vehicles, including truckers, should be expected to operate their vehicles in a safe manner for their safety and the safety of those sharing the road. However, their driving introduces more dangers due to the size of their vehicles, limited visibility, and long hours of driving. Trucking companies and truck drivers are supposed to be regulated by federal and state constitutions for any predicament they may encounter, including anything from bad weather conditions to how many hours they can drive at one time.

Truck drivers usually do the best they can to engage in safe behavior on the road, because they are often times appropriately aware of the catastrophic consequences from careless behavior. Unfortunately, truck drivers often get paid hourly; this can be a motive for them to drive for more hours in a row than is healthy or safe, as they ignore their fatigue to increase their paycheck return. Driving while fatigued results in making mistakes on the road.

In order to regulate commercial truck companies and their drivers, employees are required to log in to proper company databases and document their hours/miles, start/stop time, and their hours of sleep. However, despite this sort of aggregation and all other state and federal restrictions, commercial truck drivers are often given strict transportation that may further pressure them to overexert themselves and possibly place themselves and other drivers at risk for collisions and other casualties.

To discover what compensation you are entitled to from a fatigued commercial truck driver in Uvalde, Texas, call the lawyers at Carabin Shaw. You deserve to know your options and obtain compensation; Uvalde commercial trucker driver fatigue should not cause lasting repercussions for you or your family. To find out what sort of proper compensation we can help you collect, call us today. At Carabin Shaw, every client and every case matters, up to and including fatigue-related accidents in Uvalde.

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