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Uvalde Overweight Truck Accidents

As you are driving down the highway to or from Uvalde, you have probably seen signs announcing an upcoming truck weigh station ahead. While this may have little to do with your personal commute along the roadways, for truckers, this is an important checkpoint to evaluate their compliance with Texas regulations. Truck drivers must adhere to a certain weight restriction for their freight in accordance with these regulations, which are in place to prevent unsafe overloading and potential accidents.

Despite this safeguarding process, Uvalde overweight truck accidents have still produced thousands of collisions and numerous injuries over the years. Overweight commercial vehicles are a not only hazard for other drivers on the road, they cause premature wear and tear on Uvalde roadways. Transportation trucks are either untested or flat-out unable to handle a large load over their recommended rating, and their drivers are not trained to handle vehicles threatening to overturn with any given shift in momentum.

Most ordinary drivers are unaware that freight vehicles are assigned a weight limit called a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that is calculated according to vehicle specifications. No truck may exceed its assigned GVWR, and federal law limits the maximum GVWR to no more than 80,000 pounds. When a truck exceeds its GVWR, the excessive weight begins to negatively impact the driving characteristics and performance of the vehicle, as it translates into greater momentum than the truck can mechanically control; this is root cause of Uvalde overweight truck accidents, and it manifests in various forms of dangerous forces.

  • Extra momentum from excess weight slows the vehicle’s ability to brake under deceleration, impairing its ability to stop or avoid a collision.
  • Excess weight amplifies the downward force of gravity, causing the vehicle to plummet down inclines at greater speed.
  • The total mass of the freight can eventually exceed the ability of the engine to control its course forward and sideways momentum, acting forcibly upon the truck cab rather than the normal opposite.

In addition to simple weight totals, the distribution of that weight upon the truck’s chassis is equally as important; such proper distribution varies depending on whether it is a single axle, tandem axle, triple axle, or quad axle vehicle. An incorrect weight distribution creates an imbalance that can make a large commercial truck’s movement on the road unstable, presenting the risk of jackknifing or rollovers.

Uvalde overweight truck accidents like those described above can be avoided almost entirely if drivers and their trucking companies comply with Texas regulations; unfortunately, usually either due to arrogance of driving skill or greed of stacking more valuable hauls, these weight rules are ignored time and time again. When commercial drivers violate weight restrictions, innocent people suffer.

If you have been in a Uvalde truck accident involving a commercial vehicle, you may be the victim of the driver or trucking company’s failure to comply with Texas trucking regulations. Allow our knowledgeable attorneys to analyze your case with a free consultation, and take the first step towards getting you the compensation you deserve.

Our experienced lawyers know what evidence to look for in order to determine whether the driver or the trucking company was in compliance with these standards or guilty of wrongful negligence. A Carabin Shaw 18-wheeler accident specialist knows they can check the driving logs and weigh-in record to spot truck drivers who intentionally avoid compliance, and we maintain third-party experts to turn to, such as accident reconstruction specialists and traffic data analysts.

With these resources, our attorneys can determine the fullest extent of the driver’s negligence, maximizing your claim. Additionally, companies that are not sufficiently following official standards may be in violation of other regulations as well. The risks of carrying an excessive load can also be compounded if the company has failed to implement adequate and timely repair and maintenance checks for their vehicles. Proving any of these to be true can earn the client even greater compensation.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident in or around Uvalde involving an overweight commercial vehicle, call Carabin Shaw and allow our lawyers to fight for your just compensation. Our attorneys are available day or night to meet the needs of your claim.

Carabin Shaw understand that it can be intimidating trying to fight against trucking companies who may be unwilling to take responsibility for your accident. Uvalde overweight truck accidents can happen at any time, and when they do, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer on your side who understands how to deal with reluctant trucking companies and their shrewd insurance companies.

Your Uvalde truck accident attorney at Carabin Shaw knows the necessary steps to take to protect your rights and secure the payment you deserve. Don’t allow the responsible party the power to control the outcome. If you have been a victim of a trucking accident, you need to get full and complete compensation. Our legal team is ready to take on the trucking companies so that you don’t have to pay for injuries and damages that were never your fault.

If you have been in a semi-truck accident in Uvalde, call our offices at any time day or night. Our attorneys are standing by ready to assist you in English or in Spanish, and the initial consultation is free. Don’t hesitate; allow us to help you put this terrible experience behind you. Our attorneys can meet with you at any location and can help you review the facts of your case. Call us today toll-free at 800-862-1260.

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