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Uvalde Texting and Trucking

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Driving while distracted is dangerous in any vehicle, but especially when driving a large commercial truck. With the economy growing throughout South Texas, from San Antonio to Uvalde to Del Rio, up and down I-90 and across to Laredo and the I-35 Corridor, Texas residents are seeing a growing number of trucks on the road. With an increase in demand for goods comes an increase of commercial trucks. Demand services like Amazon Prime have also added to this influx of large trucks on Texas highways. With large commercial trucks comes drivers that spend days, weeks and even months away from their family and friends leaving them more and more tempted to keep in touch through texting while driving. It is a bad habit that many have acquired that certainly needs to be remedied. However, you can not account for the actions of other drivers on the road. If you have been injured at the hand of a trucker who was texting and driving we here at Carabin Shaw have a Uvalde texting while trucking crash attorney ready to fight for you.

Cell phones have certainly changed our society in so many ways. The devices have given us easy access to keep in touch with friends and family via text messages, emails and countless social networks, the ability to listen to our favorite music at the tap of a button or even catch up on our favorite shows or watch movies from the palm of our hand. The cellphone has given us instant access to self gratification. This can be a highly addictive behavior that leads to poor decision making, especially when cell phone users are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Cell phones cause many Uvalde drivers to get distracted when they have the need to read or reply to text messages, emails, check social networks or go as far as watching videos while operating the vehicle. Making the poor decision to take such action while driving can have a devastating effect especially when operating a large commercial vehicle.

These are Some Tips to Follow if You Must use Your Cell Phone While Driving:

Always use a hands free device

Texting and driving is illegal in the state of Texas. Invest in a mount for your phone and utilize the bluetooth and aux cord functions to keep your vision focused on the road.

Position your cell phone within easy reach

Keep your phone within reach so if you need to make a call on speaker, you can do so without taking your eyes of the road or hands off the wheel.

Suspend phone use in hazardous conditions

Hazardous driving conditions requires extra attention. Be sure to suspend phone use in instances or bad weather, construction or heavy traffic.

Do not take notes or look things up while driving

You main focus should always be the road. Do not write your to-do list in traffic or look up information. Save those takes for when you are parked and off the road.

Do not take part in stressful or emotional conversations that might be distracting

Stay alert while driving by limiting stressful phone conversations.

Use your phone sensibly and assess traffic

Try to plan your calls for when you are outside the vehicle, but if it just can't wait utilize talk to text, speed dial and other functions on the road to limit your need to access your phone physically.

While these tips can help you be a more sensible driver the best thing to avoid a texting and driving accident is to abstain from using your phone while driving.

Uvalde texting and trucking accidents are easily avoidable yet they happen time and time again. If you or a loved one was injured or even killed as the result of one of the many Uvalde 18 Wheeler Accidents that happen due to a trucker who was texting and driving, our team of Uvalde lawyers at Carabin Shaw will fight for you and your family to help you recover from your losses.

Our attorneys know when a truck is involved in a texting and driving accident, the consequences are tragic and deadly. A commercial truck can completely destroy a typical passenger car and can leave the passengers seriously injured after a Uvalde texting and trucking accident.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident caused by a Uvalde texting and trucking driver, at Carabin Shaw we have a team of lawyers in Uvalde ready to go to work for you. It is at your best interest to have an experienced truck accident attorney by your side when dealing with trucking companies after an accident. Since 1992, the attorneys at Carabin Shaw have successfully represented clients, fought for their rights and accomplished holding negligent parties liable for their wrongdoing. Call us today.

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