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What Are the Types of Premises Liability Claims in San Antonio?

Premises liability cases are one of the most expansive personal injury cases that an individual can suffer from in San Antonio. Work-related accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, and school/daycare injuries are among the most common personal injury cases filed in San Antonio, and each of these has the potential to be a premises liability case. Because of the nuances that accompany these claims, San Antonio premises liability attorneys at Carabin Shaw are ready to help you through the process of filing your claim and fighting for the full compensation you deserve, if you have been part of a premises liability accident.

If you have been injured in a premises liability case, you may be unsure of what step to take next. Personal injuries commonly result in lost wages, large medical bills, and an impacted value of life if the injuries are chronic or long-lasting. If you are seeking compensation for a premises liability accident, you don’t need to go it alone. Attorneys at Carabin Shaw have years of success in defending injured parties in San Antonio. You deserve to work with the best, and our attorneys are committed to providing you with the necessary tools for pursuing your claim.

What Are the Types of Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability claims can occur almost anywhere, so long as the accident occured on another individual’s or organization’s property and the injury was caused by that entity’s negligence. While this is a large category of personal injury cases, there are several locations that more commonly result in such accidents.

Swimming Pool Accidents

San Antonio ranks among the top three hottest cities in Texas, and the top six hottest cities in the nation. Public pools are a common pass-time during the summer months, where that heat hits its peak. Swimming pool accidents, however, are one of the most common premises liability cases in the city. Slippery surfaces, poor water clarity, and poorly trained pool staff can all lead to devastating injuries, or worse.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents result in more than 17,000 fatalities annually in the United States. Causes can include uneven surfaces on sidewalks or icy roads, wet floors in restaurants or malls, faulty or missing handrails on stairs in public buildings, and many other oversights. Slip-and-fall accidents often overlap with premises liability cases, and Texas accident attorneys at Carabin Shaw have years of experience in establishing cases within the specific laws of parameters of San Antonio.

Animal Attacks and Dog Bites

Dog bite attacks can be some of the most emotionally charged cases that a victim can opt to pursue, and the laws surrounding the rights of the injured party versus the rights of the animal and animal owner are often at odds. While adults commonly know to avoid unfamiliar animals, children rarely understand the imminent dangers of approaching a leashed or unleashed dog. This leads to children being some of the most common victims of dog bites in San Antonio, and if the bite occurred on another individual’s property then liability may be more easily established.

These represent only some of the more common premises liability cases. If you suffered from an accident on another’s property, seeking the guidance of an established lawyer in San Antonio will help you to get the settlement you are owed.

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Fighting for the compensation you are owed can be daunting, especially as the liable party often works to deny fault or pay less than what is necessary. Our lawyers are the best in the field, with over $1 billion acquired for clients over thirty years. Experts at Carabin Shaw offer free case review/initial consultation and have a history of success and satisfied clients, as proven by Carabin Shaw’s client reviews.

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