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What Can I Recover in a Carbon Monoxide Lawsuit in Dallas?

Dallas, Texas is one of our state’s most exciting travel destinations. The Dallas metro area sees 24 million tourists a year who enjoy the city’s exciting attractions: hotels close to casinos, high end stores and outlet shopping districts, and some of the country’s best restaurants. In a city with so much to offer, it’s puzzling to comprehend how Dallas can allow their hotels and motels to operate without protecting its guests from the leading cause of poisoning in the U.S. - Carbon Monoxide (CO).

CO In The Hotel / Motel Industry

CO, “the silent killer,” is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless poisonous gas. When a CO gas leak occurs, it only takes a few hours before it is in the bloodstream and suffocating its victims. CO gas leaks can happen wherever there are appliances burning fuel: refrigerators, gas ranges, water heaters, and many others. These home appliances are used pervasively in hotels and motels as well.

In an article published in The Charlotte Observer, one case of CO poisoning was traced back to a hotel’s poorly vented pool heater. Three helpless guests died in their sleep as CO leaked into their rooms. The worst part of cases like this is that a number of states, including Texas, that don’t require hotels and motels to install CO detectors in every hotel room. At the end of the day, you’re in danger when you stay in Dallas, Texas’ hotels and motels no matter the amount you pay to sleep in luxury. A simple $100 device stands between you and suddenly becoming poisoned.

The Price of CO Poisoning

Many families still recovering from CO poisoning and those grieving their lost loved ones know how hard it is to move on from this avoidable tragedy. If the poisoning case did not end in death, it could cause severe injuries to internal organs. After being exposed to CO, long term effects include coma, seizures, autoimmune disorders, permanent brain damage, and major damage to the heart. Because CO attaches to the hemoglobin in your blood, it replaces the oxygen in your bloodstream and chokes you from the inside out.

Unfortunately, many tourists exposed to a CO gas leak mistake the symptoms for the flu or another bacterial infection. Being poisoned by CO is often confused with other illnesses because the first symptoms are a headache, feeling dizzy or nauseous. If you have visited the Dallas metro area and returned home with an exposure to CO, you should contact one of Dallas injury lawyers or Dallas’ accident attorneys right away to recover your losses.

What Can I recover in a Carbon Monoxide Lawsuit in Dallas?

You have every right to bring a lawsuit against the hotel or motel that allowed this easily avoidable accident to harm you. If you are asking yourself “What can I recover in a Carbon Monoxide lawsuit in Dallas?”, then the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers at Carabin Shaw have the answers. You or your family could claim general damages, a recovery of medical expenses, punitive damages, bereavement award, and/or funeral expenses. A lawsuit filed with a certified injury or accident lawyer could help you recover from a loss of income, work, and the growing hospital bills and medical care that your healing requires.

You don’t have to ask yourself, “What can I recover in a Carbon Monoxide lawsuit in Dallas?” without knowing if you can go back to a normal life anymore. When it comes to CO poisoning from hotels and motels, let our attorneys at Carabin Shaw answer your questions and win the recovery you deserve.

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