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What to do After a Bicycle Accident in Austin

America is reigniting its love for cycling – whether for commuting, for exercise, or for pleasure. As cities modernize across the country, sizeable populations are choosing bicycles as a cheaper, healthier, and environmentally friendly alternative to the automobile-centric lifestyle that has ruled for generations. Austin was one of the first to lead the charge, and free-spirited cyclists riding side-by-side with traditional traffic down South Congress is still one of the central figures of the Austin lifestyle.

The wheels of change are the hardest to turn, however, and all too often, that traffic either forgets or fails to recognize the bicycles beside them. While riding in the city, a cyclist’s thoughts are often plagued by the idea of unattentive or negligent drivers causing a collision. Of all the questions that go through a cyclist’s mind, one of the most important to have answered is what to do after a bicycle accident in Austin.

Next Steps After a Bike Accident

Bicycle accidents are just as serious as car accidents; unfortunately, the failure of many motorists to adopt this attitude is the cause of many avoidable tragedies. Just as you would in any serious car accident, if you are hit while riding, you need a competent Austin bicycle accident attorney. Immediately following any bicycle accident, there are some important steps that everyone should take:

  • Get to safety: The moments immediately following an accident are the most dangerous for a cyclist. The collision has likely left both you and your bicycle on the pavement, creating not only a road hazard for other drivers, but putting you directly in harm’s way. Before anything else, get out the road the road as quickly as possible. Only then – and if it is safe – remove your bicycle from the road.
  • Make sure the driver has stopped: It seems unthinkable, but it is not uncommon for drivers who hit bicyclists to flee the scene. Most do so under the assumption they can get away with it – either because of fear or lack of respect for cyclists. At the first opportunity, make sure to look for the car that hit you, and if at all possible, get a good look at their license plate.
  • Call emergency services: In any accident involving a bicycle, there are almost always injuries. You should always call 911 for Austin emergency services, even if you think you aren’t hurt. Many injuries, especially for cyclists, may only surface days, weeks, or even months after an accident, and if not detected and reported on time, may not be covered by insurance.
  • Document your damages: It should go without mention that you should keep all receipts, records, and documentation of all medical expenses and injuries incurred as a result of your accident. Equally important, you should find receipts and documentation related to the value of your bicycle. Together, these will be used by you and your attorney to recover the full value of everything lost in an accident at the fault of someone else’s negligence.
  • Call an attorney with Carabin Shaw: Of all the steps of what to do after a bicycle accident in Austin, contacting a well-qualified lawyer could be the most important in restoring your quality of life.
Carabin Shaw: Austin Bike Accident Attorneys

Having a lawyer representing your interests is the single most important thing you can do as a bicyclist in the event of a collision with another car. All too often, the rights of cyclists go underrepresented and undefended in Austin, and that needs to change. If the collision was the result of another’s negligence or reckless driving, they owe you compensation for your damages, and an attorney is your best chance at securing that compensation through filing a claim.

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If you’re not sure of what to do after a bicycle accident in Austin, give Carabin Shaw a call today. We’ll give you a free consultation with one of our expert attorneys that will inform you of what kind of case you have, what possible compensation you might expect, and the best options ahead of you.

Cyclists have the same rights and expectations to justice as motorists – don’t put yours in jeopardy. Call the experts at Carabin Shaw of Austin toll free today at 800-862-1260 or visit us in person at 111 Congress Ave #500, Austin, TX 78704

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