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What to Do If Hit by 18 Wheeler in San Antonio

18-wheelers are populating our highways more and more as product demands are on the rise. These trucks, mostly owned by large companies and corporations, share our roads in order to transport goods. Often, to cut expenses, these companies hire drivers haphazardly or assign them long hours. This makes for tired drivers operating massive, speeding vehicles, which are more likely to cause accidents.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation
  • One person is involved in a fatal motor-related accident every two hours in our state
  • The number of traffic fatalities increased by 18.94% since 2019
  • In Bexar county alone, with its population congregated largely in the city of San Antonio, nearly 40,000 vehicle accidents occurred in 2020

As one of the largest Texas cities, San Antonio is a center point for 18-wheelers to gather. Our highways are also notoriously under construction for what seems like constantly. They have winding, narrowing lanes that make us more prone to deadly accidents against these heavy, loaded trucks. If you have recently been injured in a big rig accident, you know that these truck drivers are often represented by teams of attorneys paid by large companies. Additionally, Texas laws continue making it easier for big companies to get out of paying victims the monetary compensations they deserve. This is why choosing a competent San Antonio truck injury attorney to represent a case involving an 18-wheeler is crucial.

Seriously Injured After Being Hit By 18 Wheeler In San Antonio?

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries, property damage, or even death by an 18-wheeler, you may feel overwhelmed in the aftermath of the accident. Trying to decide and distinguish what to do if hit by an 18 wheeler in San Antonio can be incredibly difficult. It’s very common for persons to report clouded or impaired judgment due to either head trauma, or from the emotional fallout of a near-death experience. There may be several reasons for you to feel helpless against a commercial vehicle and their company, but it’s important to try and stay calm. Though filing a claim may not rewind time, financial compensation will make moving on easier.

You are not alone; there are trusted San Antonio truck injury attorneys, such as those at Carabin Shaw, who are well-versed in Texas law regarding commercial vehicle accidents. These lawyers will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible to bring you and your family a sense of peace and justice.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorneys

Though finding an attorney is a harrowing task, when it comes to cases involving an 18-wheeler it’s often necessary. There are a plethora of firms claiming to have your best interest, and it’s difficult to discern which of them will actually invest in your case. Carabin Shaw Texas attorneys have a long history of victories against these companies and are ready to help with an accident dealing with an 18-wheeler.

When looking for potential lawyers, it is vital to be on the lookout for the following qualities, characteristics, and offerings.

Free Case Reviews
  • Many private lawyers and firms burden their clients with the cost of an initial consultation, making the quest of finding a good fit a lot more time and money consuming. People searching for may feel pressured to stick with the first lawyer they meet in order to avoid another costly fee for another attorney to even review their case.
  • These allow both parties to get to know one another and decide whether or not the match will be suitable moving forward. This also affords you the opportunity to ask any initial questions you may have.
Contingency-Fee Contracts
  • This means that your lawyer will not be paid unless and until your case is won.
  • Have established experience working in the state where the injuries occurred
  • Have a proven winning track record and favorable client reviews
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