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When to Call a Car Wreck Lawyer: San Antonio Auto Accident

A car crash happens in Texas every 59 seconds. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more crashes occur in urban areas, such as San Antonio. Car accidents can vary in their severity--from fender-benders to head-on crashes. An attorney may not be necessary for every type of crash, but it may be beneficial to still contact a personal injury lawyer to weigh your options. If you have been involved in an accident, you want to know when to call a car wreck attorney for your San Antonio auto accident.

What to Do After an Auto Accident

If you have just been in an accident, follow these steps to ensure the best possible outcome (including proper compensation):

  1. Remain calm and move to the side of the road if possible: Leaving immediately after a car crash is a punishable offense. Move the cars involved to the shoulder or side of the road if possible. It is important to be in a safe location following the crash.
  2. Call the police.
  3. Record information: It is imperative to record information of those involved in the crash. Consider gathering: names of those driving and in the car(s), vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers, insurance companies and policy number, eyewitness contact information, accident location, and police officer’s badge numbers and names. Take photos and write details down if possible.
  4. File an insurance claim: Car accident claims can be filed initially with your insurance company. Once the insurance company has investigated the accident, they will notify you of their decision regarding fault.
  5. Keep track of medical records: If you were injured in an auto accident, keep track of all your medical bills and diagnoses.

It’s important to keep track of all your records so that if you decide to pursue legal action with a lawyer, he or she has access to your information and will be able to better serve you. If you need the best San Antonio car accident lawyers, contact the office of Carabin-Shaw today.

What Type of Damages Can I Collect?

You may be able to collect damages depending on the severity of your car accident. For example, you may be able to collect damages, or financial compensation, based on the harm done to your vehicle.

You may also be able to collect damages for your medical bills. Car accidents can cause severe harm to one’s body, such as head and neck injuries, broken bones, or whiplash. If your injuries have been a financial and mental burden, then you may be able to sue. If you believe you have grounds to sue, then contact a San Antonio auto accident lawyer now.

Should I Contact an Attorney?

The decision to contact an attorney after an accident can seem difficult, especially if the crash was minor. Although a lawyer might not be necessary for minor accidents, it is safe to have one in mind, especially if any legal questions occur. If the accident was more serious, and you sustained any injuries from it, then it is worthwhile to speak to a San Antonio auto accident lawyer. If your case isn’t clear cut, meaning, fault wasn’t directly assigned to one party then it may be in your interest to speak to someone. Additionally, if the settlement the insurance company has settled your case for too little of a monetary amount, then reach out to a lawyer. To put it simply, if you want to know when to call a car wreck lawyer after a San Antonio auto accident, call if the accident has been a financial or mental burden to you.

Free Initial Consultation at Carabin Shaw

If you were in a serious accident, then you should reach out to a lawyer. You’ll want to get in touch with motor vehicle accident attorneys as soon as possible. These types of lawyers specialize in auto-accidents and insurance agencies. You will want to find a lawyer within the San Antonio area as well. Not only does this provide a convenience to you, but it ensures their familiarity with local and state laws.

If you want to speak with the best San Antonio auto accident attorneys in the area, contact the offices of Carabin-Shaw today at: 210-222-2288 or toll free at 800-862-1260

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