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When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Austin

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death throughout the world. This should be no surprise for anyone who has driven in Austin. Yet, when car accidents occur, it is not uncommon for drivers to forgo hiring a lawyer in the hopes that insurance will cover all their concerns. This is a decision that only makes sense in the event of very minimal damage. Even then, the lightest of fender benders can cause unseen medical damage and alter the effectiveness of a vehicle, and these are damages that need to be compensated.

Yes, Talk to a Lawyer

The reality is that hiring or even simply consulting with an attorney over a recent car accident in Austin is an ideal practice that will at the very least ensure that no inappropriate actions are being taken by responsible parties or insurers. Further seeking the help of one of Carabin Shaw’s Austin auto accident lawyers may help a client realize that there are significantly more variables that need to be addressed following Austin auto accidents.

How Late is too Late?

Knowing when to hire a car accident attorney in Austin is important. For many that do eventually seek legal help, it is sometimes quite late in the process. It is not rare for the lawyers of Carabin Shaw to meet clients weeks after an accident has occurred. Though we are more than willing to meet with such clients – it is always better late than never – it is common in these cases that a significant number of problematic interactions have already occurred that have left the at-fault drivers and their insurance adjusters with a greater possibility of avoiding responsibility for the accident.

How soon Should Legal Help be Sought?

Given that people often seek legal help too late, just how soon is appropriate for when to hire a car accident attorney in Austin? The answer is as soon as possible. Though we realize that calling a lawyer seconds after being slammed into by a giant pick-up truck in Austin is likely the last thing someone is realistically capable of doing, getting a qualified and experienced lawyer involved before accidently jeopardizing their own case is very important.

Can I see any Lawyer?

Acquiring all the facts and details of the accident as quickly as possible is vital and often the last thing an injured party is able or willing to do. This is why the follow up questions to “when to hire a car accident attorney in Austin,” should be “how qualified are they to run an investigation into a car accident,” and “how experienced are they with cases like mine?”

How to Fight Adjustors’ Investigations

Following a car accident, insurers will often dispatch an adjuster to essentially run an investigation with the goal of establishing fault. For victims, this means that said adjusters will often be looking for ways to reduce fault of their insured drivers. This in turn means that the insurance agency’s investigation will likely not have you or your loved one’s best interests at heart.

The answer to this is that a parallel investigation, conducted by a qualified law firm or on retainer investigator, needs to be conducted. Therefore, it is vital that

  1. You or your loved one acquire legal expertise before an adjuster’s investigation concludes, and
  2. That any lawyer brought on be able to pull from a highly-resourceful firm that can conduct a parallel investigation.

Furthermore, it is equally important that the legal assistance provided has experience with car accidents in Austin.

In the case of Carabin Shaw, we have attorneys who have the legal know-how – as well as private investigators and professionals on retainer – to see that you or your loved one will have the proof and expertise you need to get help after an accident.

If you or your loved one were involved in an Austin auto accident, reach out to us. Call our courteous and professional representatives for a free consultation in Austin at 800-862-1260, completely toll-free, and start reclaiming your justice and compensation today.

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