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Where Can Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Occur

Regardless of where you live in El Paso, you are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. At low levels, breathing carbon monoxide causes no harm, but at high levels of exposure it can cause serious injury, permanent neurological damage, and death. Modern appliances such as stoves and heaters as well as combustion engines in cars and gas-powered tools release carbon monoxide as a byproduct, so you could be exposed to carbon monoxide almost anywhere you go in the modern world.

If you or a loved one has been injured by carbon monoxide poisoning, you should speak with El Paso carbon monoxide lawyers as soon as possible. No matter where your exposure occurred, our El Paso injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw can determine who’s responsible and hold them liable for your recovery.

Common Sources of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Carbon monoxide, also known as “the silent killer”, is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that’s hard to detect until it’s often too late. Individuals that experience carbon monoxide poisoning can be left with serious injuries that impact them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, it’s fatal.

In today’s world, many of the conveniences we rely on release carbon monoxide as a byproduct. The following is a list of some of the sources of carbon monoxide you may encounter in your daily life:

  • Gas stoves and ovens
  • Wood stoves
  • Gas-powered water heaters
  • Power tools
  • Clothes dryer
  • Automobiles
  • Outdoor grills
  • Generators
  • Furnaces and boilers

If you feel your exposure may have been caused by one of these sources, talk to an attorney about the source of your carbon monoxide poisoning case immediately.

What Causes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Exactly?

Most often, carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when there’s a high level of carbon monoxide in an enclosed area. Usually, the release of high levels of carbon monoxide is caused by one of three reasons:

  • Negligent maintenance

    Items that release carbon monoxide require regular upkeep to ensure they’re properly working. If they are not maintained, they could release hazardous amounts of CO into the air.

  • Dangerous ventilation

    Sources of carbon monoxide that we use indoors such as gas stoves and clothes dryers need proper ventilation to ensure that the carbon monoxide they produce does not build up in our homes. When ventilation is not installed properly, you are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Faulty parts

    Tools and appliances that produce CO are usually made with safety in mind. However, manufacturer error can cause these parts to break before their warranty.

Where Am I At Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Anywhere there is a source of carbon monoxide, you’re at risk of dangerous exposure to CO in El Paso. If you’re wondering, “where can carbon monoxide poisoning occur,” the following are some of the most likely places:

  1. Your home

    A number of appliances many people use daily produce CO. Be sure to install CO detectors at your home and keep up with regular maintenance.

  2. Your garage

    If a car or gas-powered tool is left running in your garage, it can lead to dangerous levels of CO quickly.

  3. Public space, such as a hotel

    The heating systems in hotels, for example, may produce CO. Hotels should have proper ventilation to protect their guests, but if not, their negligence could lead to an accident.

  4. Apartment complex

    At an apartment complex, the landlord is required by law to meet certain health and safety codes. They must install CO detectors and routinely maintain them to avoid exposing their tenants to dangerous levels of CO.

If you have questions about where your CO poisoning accident occurred and who’s responsible, talk to an experienced El Paso carbon monoxide lawyer.

A Carabin Shaw Attorney can Help | Free Case Review

After a carbon monoxide accident, you need a lawyer to fight on your behalf and get you the compensation you’re rightfully owed. Our El Paso injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw have years of experience working carbon monoxide cases and know what it takes to hold the negligent party accountable for your damages.

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