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Who Can Be Affected By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Why is carbon monoxide so dangerous? Because it is odorless and invisible, many victims are poisoned without knowing. Usually, victims experience symptoms such as chest pains, disorientation, or shortness of breath to alert them to the danger, but victims who are exposed to a gas leak while sleeping, for example, are likely to be completely unaware of the danger. Carbon monoxide leaks can come from seemingly benign appliances such as motor vehicles, gas stoves, heaters, camp stoves, or even a simple fireplace. Texas laws stipulate that most El Paso homes and some businesses install carbon monoxide detectors within ten feet of all sleeping areas. When homeowners, landlords, or business proprietors are negligent in maintaining these detectors, though, there are often tragic consequences.

The financial and physical damages resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning can be devastating for families. When these accidents are caused by the negligence of homeowners, landlords, business proprietors, or appliance manufacturers, you may be eligible to demand financial compensation from the liable parties.

With the help of a carbon monoxide lawyer in El Paso, Texas, victims and their families can seek justice in the form of a financial settlement. Before contacting an El Paso personal injury attorney, it may be helpful to learn more about who can be affected by carbon monoxide poisoning or if you belong to one of the following at-risk groups.

Who is at Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

So, who can be affected by carbon monoxide poisoning? The short answer is: everyone. Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas and can be fatal to anyone. However, there are groups who are at particular risk for severe injury and fatality caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the following groups are most at risk of suffering severe effects from carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • The elderly
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • People with chronic breathing problems
  • People with anemia
  • People with chronic heart disease

It is important to reiterate that, although these groups are the most at risk for developing severe complications, no one is immune from carbon monoxide poisoning. While the symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning often disappear after victims receive medical treatment, severe carbon monoxide poisoning often leads to long-term injury or death.

Other severe carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms may include:

  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of motor functioning
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Impaired cognitive functioning
  • Depression
  • Psychosis

Regardless if you belong to one of the above at-risk groups, prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide may result in the above injuries. It is crucial that you keep detailed records of any medical visits or financial costs incurred due to carbon monoxide poisoning; this information may become crucial in building your carbon monoxide poisoning claim.

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