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Who Can Be Held Liable in 18 Wheeler Accidents in Dallas

Despite the many conveniences that modern vehicles and roadways afford, drivers in Dallas/Fort Worth can face substantial dangers when they get behind the wheel. While the impacts of any vehicle collision can be devastating, accidents involving 18 wheelers are often especially severe. It’s been estimated that 500,000 truck-related accidents occur each year in the United States, constituting 11% of annual roadside fatalities.

Faced with potentially life-changing injuries, victims of 18 Wheeler Accidents in Dallas/Fort Worth may think they have to navigate the aftermath of an accident alone. The top Texas truck injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw, however, are here to help. Dallas/Fort Worth truck accident lawyers are trained to help victims identify who may be responsible for their accidents, as well as recover any damages they’ve incurred.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Dallas/Fort Worth 18 Wheeler Accident?

One of the first things an attorney will do after a truck-related accident occurs is conduct an in-depth investigation to determine which parties contributed to the collision. Unlike in accidents involving passenger vehicles, liability for truck accidents can be shared by a wide range of parties:

Truck Drivers

Perhaps the most obvious entities that may hold responsibility for 18 wheeler collisions are truck drivers themselves. Like all other drivers, those who operate commercial vehicles are required to abide by public safety laws like speed limits. When reckless, distracted, or otherwise negligent driving is the clear cause for a collision, truck drivers can be held responsible for damages.

An 18 wheeler accident attorney in Dallas/Fort Worth can help you gather evidence from sources like eyewitness accounts, police reports, and trucker activity logs to determine if the truck driver involved in your accident may be liable.

Trucking Companies

As employers, trucking companies have some legal responsibility for the actions of their drivers and the equipment they put on the road. In some cases, companies can be held liable for hiring drivers with infractions on their records or failing to uphold adequate training and safety protocols. In other instances, failure to properly maintain equipment can result in a company having to pay damages.

Truck Manufacturers

Some 18 wheeler accidents can be traced back to manufacturing failures, such as defective or faulty parts. Tire blowouts and break failures, for example, can have catastrophic outcomes in the context of a busy roadway.

When defective parts are the result of a manufacturer’s negligence, rather than an owner’s failure to maintain them, product liability lawsuits can hold these entities responsible. Speaking with a Dallas/Fort Worth truck accident lawyer is the fastest way to determine if the circumstances of your accident may warrant a product liability claim.

Government Agencies and Contractors

Government agencies and the contractors they employ share responsibility for maintaining the safety of public roadways in Dallas/Fort Worth. If hazards like soft shoulders, potholes, or cracked pavement can be identified as causes of an 18 wheeler accident, these agencies may be required to pay damages.

What Should I Do After an 18 Wheeler Accident? | Contact Carabin Shaw for a Free Case Review

Because of the fact that responsibility for truck-related accidents can be shared by so many different parties, consulting with an experienced truck injury lawyer is especially important. The top Texas truck injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw can help you to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the causes of your accident. An 18 wheeler accident attorney in Dallas/Fort Worth can help you hold the responsible parties liable for the compensation you deserve.

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