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Who can be Held Liable in a Wrongful Death Suit?

Accidents can happen at any time resulting in devastating outcomes with loss of property or even loss of life. In some cases, no one is to blame for the tragedy, but in many cases the tragedy can be linked to the negligence or recklessness of an individual or entity. Spring Branch victims and their families who have been impacted by a tragic, untimely death can feel at a loss as to who to hold responsible.

Who can be held liable in a wrongful death suit? Who can be held accountable? The blame may rest on a single person or the fault may be with a company or hospital. Having as much information as possible in cases such as these can be critical in proving liability. Regardless of how the accident occurred, it is important to begin doing your homework immediately. Once as much information as possible has been gathered, a Spring Branch wrongful death attorney can be brought in to analyze the data and give advice as to the best action to take.

Wrongful Death: Causes and Guidance
  • Auto accident- It is important to gather photographic evidence of the collision. Insurance companies may look at the type of damage to the vehicle as well as evidence of the location of the actual vehicle contact. While a police report can aid an attorney in understanding what occurred during the accident, it is important to note other important aspects such as time of day, level of traffic, type of intersection, etc. to help get a better picture of the incident that resulted in the loss of a loved one. The more information there is, the easier it will be to know who can be held liable in a wrongful death suit resulting from a vehicle collision.
  • Medical malpractice - In the case of negligence in a medical setting, liability could fall on the shoulders of the medical staff responsible for the patient’s care or the hospital or medical clinic itself may be responsible. Again, gathering as much information as possible is important for being able to see exactly what went wrong for the victim. Family members of victims should take note of the date of any conversations with medical professionals, document names of physicians or physician’s assistants and should make copies of any paperwork received by the patient.
  • Faulty products- Our lawyers often hear of companies issuing recalls for faulty products. However, for those Spring Branch families that have the misfortune of using a deadly product before such recalls, it may be too late. Quality assurance is part of the manufacturing process and companies are responsible for assuring the public that their product is safe for consumption or use. Getting just compensation from the responsible company through a wrongful death suit can give families compensation albeit insufficient recompense for the loss of a loved one.
  • Unsafe work environment- Companies are not only responsible for producing safe products for the public, they are also responsible for ensuring their employees are working under safe conditions. Unfortunately, in the pursuit to save money, companies may not replace aging or faulty machinery. Companies may not provide safety equipment such as masks, goggles or other protective gear or they may create a work schedule that puts fatigued or overworked employees in dangerous positions that can become deadly if they are careless. Fault may lie with middle management or can extend to the overall culture of the organization. A good attorney can look at the facts of your case and help you determine who can be held liable in a wrongful death suit that arises from an unsafe Spring Branch workplace.
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