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Who is at Fault? Austin Auto Accidents with Bicycles

For over a decade, Austin has led the United States in environmental consciousness. According to a 2017 assessment by Architectural Digest, Austin and nearby Round Rock are the greenest areas in America “by a landslide.” Our city boasts expansive parklands, abundant farmer’s markets, and an average of 5 certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) buildings per every 1000 residents.

Beyond these infrastructural advantages though, Austinites have taken individual steps to minimize their carbon footprints. One of the most popular ways to do this is to commute to work via bicycle. In fact, so many residents have taken to riding their bikes that the city has expanded its bike lanes to include “.097 miles of bike lanes per every 10,000 residents.”

The Price of Alternative Transportation

While this is undoubtedly a wonderful development, it comes with a hidden cost. Though bicyclist fatalities only make up about 2.2 percent of national traffic deaths, 70 percent of these types of accidents occur in urban areas like Austin. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), in conjunction with the United States Department of Transportation, reports that there were 840 bicyclist deaths in accidents involving a motor vehicle in 2016 alone. If you or a loved one have experienced a similar incident and are left questioning who is at fault in Austin auto accidents with bicycles, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated team of lawyers at Carabin Shaw.

More common than bike-related traffic deaths are bike-related injuries. Many of these injuries will require sound legal counsel from an attorney to determine whether the rider is entitled to damages. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has lent their voice to the fact that “bicyclists face a higher risk of crash-related injuries… than occupants in motor vehicles.” Additionally, the CDC recorded almost 467,000 bike-related injuries in 2015 alone.

Central Texas residents are not immune to these dangers or these outcomes. The Austin bike injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw are here to help cyclists receive any compensation they might be entitled to as a result of an accident with a car.

Liability in Bicycle-Automobile Accidents

Determining who is at fault in Austin auto accidents with bicycles occurs on a case-by-case basis, and you will likely need an attorney’s help to figure out where you stand after an accident. External factors, such as traffic and location, frequently play a role in bicycle accidents, but there are other elements of which cyclists must be aware to avoid becoming liable in a crash themselves.

The League of American Bicyclists advises cyclists to ride defensively and follow all local and state laws governing traffic. For Austin residents, the Texas Transportation Code stipulates that cyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic flow and as close to the curb as possible; obey street signs, traffic signals, and red lights as a car would; and ride sober and without distraction.

Drivers, too, must follow the laws of the road. Car drivers have a responsibility to yield to bicyclists as they would motorists. They must also check their surroundings, especially when turning or making a lane change. Furthermore, drivers are required to obey the speed limit and drive soberly and without checking a handheld device, such as a phone. While many of these rules are common sense, a driver’s failure to uphold any of these regulations imperils bicyclists.

Bicyclists Have an Ally in Carabin Shaw

If you were a bicyclist involved in a crash with an automobile and you suspect that the driver may be at fault, we advise you to reach out to the lawyers at Carabin Shaw in Austin for advice. When you call us, your initial consultation is always free, and our attorneys will never charge you unless we win your case.

You shouldn’t have to worry about whom is at fault in Austin auto accidents with bicycles alone. Reach out to an Austin bicycle accident attorney at Carabin Shaw if you need an ally. Call to toll-free at 800-862-1260 to speak with an Austin lawyer who will be on your side every step of the way.

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