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Who Is Liable for My Auto Accident in Laredo Tx?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a report of road-related fatalities for the first months of 2021 [January-June]. The NHTSA’s research found the biggest increase in motor vehicle deaths over a six-month period across the country. 20,160 people lost their lives on United States roads in just the first half of this year.

Despite the city of Laredo’s surface area being smaller in comparison to other Texas cities, it remains one of the most fast-moving, trafficked trading hubs in the country. With people traveling through the city from all over the country, there is risk of a collision and a resulting Laredo Tx car accident injury.

If you or a loved one was in a car wreck recently, you may be wondering how fault is determined and how that determination will affect compensation if your claim is taken to court. Before we get to issues of liability, we must first determine what exactly “personal injury” means.

What Constitutes Personal Injury in Texas

If you’ve suffered an injury, you may be wondering how personal injury is legally defined, and by extension, if you are entitled to compensation because of this incident. The Texas Penal Code identifies that a personal injury suit can be brought against, “an individual or a corporation, association, limited liability company, or other entity or organization governed by the Business Organizations Code.” This same chapter describes harm as “anything reasonably regarded as loss, disadvantage, or injury, including harm to another person in whose welfare the person affected is interested.”

Respectable Laredo car wreck lawyers should be familiar with personal injury cases dealing with parties who live in the city as well as the state of Texas. If you’ve determined based on the TPC’s definition of personal injury that this applies to you, your next question probably is, whether you share some responsibility for the damages.

Who Is Liable for My Auto Accident?

Liability after a wreck is usually determined by identifying who is at fault for the car accident and for what reason. Road rules change depending on state, county and city governance, so what may seem a clear cut case isn’t always that clear.

Factors to Keep in Mind Regarding Liability:

  • Reporting of the accident by a third party, like law enforcement, and what their account is.
  • Verbal exchanges between drivers after the collision
    • In the midst of shock and stress from an accident, we may overshare, or poorly assess the situation and state ourselves at fault. It’s advisable to say as little as possible to the other party. Any exchanges, however small, can be used in court against you.
  • State and local road laws can have an immense impact on a claim’s outcome. This is why victims need an experienced Texas lawyer with experience in such cases to represent them in a case.
  • The status and type of coverage the drivers had at the time of the crash
  • Negligent behavior on behalf of either party, e.g., drinking, texting, speeding, license standing, etc.

Furthermore, the aftermath of a collision may be rushed by hurried travelers, and details can be easily missed by both parties, complicating proving the facts in months to follow. When it comes to fault, every detail matters. An attorney can become the difference between having to cover costs out of pocket or even paying somebody.

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