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Who Is Liable in a Motorcycle Accident in San Antonio

Owning a motorcycle in San Antonio has many benefits: they are a viable form of transportation, they have excellent gas mileage, and there’s nothing better than that sense of freedom on the open road. But what happens when a motorcycle accident brings all of that to a screeching halt?

With over 350,000 registered motorcycles on the road in Texas as of 2019, injuries from motorcycle accidents are higher than ever. Getting into a motorcycle accident in San Antonio can be especially dangerous, as motorcycle accidents are known to produce more injuries and fatalities than any other type of accident. Determining liability in these situations can be difficult, especially without an attorney. If you find yourself or a loved one injured after a wreck, you might be wondering who is liable in a motorcycle accident?

Comparative Fault Laws in Texas

Texas is an at-fault state, meaning that the driver found negligent is the party responsible for paying damages. Motorcycle drivers in Texas are also subject to comparative fault laws. These laws require that motorcycle drivers prove that they are not, in some way, responsible for the accident they were involved in. If the driver of the motorcycle is found to be at-fault, even partially, they are likely to be responsible for paying some of the damages themselves.

Navigating driver responsibility through comparative fault laws can be tricky, and the San Antonio injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw are no strangers to these intricacies. However, there are some instances when another party can be held responsible.

Traffic Violations

If the other driver involved in the accident is found guilty of violating traffic laws, they are likely to be considered the negligent driver in the motorcycle wreck. Consulting Texas traffic laws is helpful here in navigating whether or not you were a victim of negligent driving by another party. Accidents that involve the other driver running a red light or stop sign, failing to yield, or speeding, are sure signs that the other driver can be held responsible.

An attorney can help you review this information and choose the best route going forward to assure that you are getting the best result possible from your motorcycle accident case.

Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end collision on a motorcycle is especially dangerous, and, as Texas is an at-fault state, the person who causes the collision by running into the back of the other vehicle is most often the negligent party. Even if the stop happened abruptly, it is frequently hard to prove that the driver being rear-ended was at fault. Rather, the state of Texas sees this situation as that the driver causing the collision was following too closely.

Carabin Shaw’s client reviews speak to the experiences of many clients involved in such cases, where our lawyers fought to give our clients the compensation they were entitled to, and the client received their best possible outcome.

Left-Turn Accidents

Similar to rear-end collisions, a driver found making a left turn and causing an accident is most often found to be the negligent driver, and therefore responsible for any damages that occur. In an accident involving a motorcycle, these damages can be significant, resulting in large medical bills. In these cases, it is even more important to hire a lawyer to make sure that you are receiving your full compensation.

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Hiring a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer to help determine liability is the first step in ensuring that you are paid the highest amount possible for your injuries and other damages acquired during the accident.

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