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Wrongful Termination of Employment Suit in San Antonio

According to state and local laws, employers in San Antonio usually have the legal right to end employment without notice or apparent cause. In Texas, employment law holds that employers generally have the power to fire and hire at their discretion. Local San Antonio employment law follow the state’s ruling on this matter, with a few rare exceptions.

Employees who have been fired and believe that their superiors have reacted unfairly deserve a chance to hold those people accountable. If you think you have a wrongful termination of employment suit in San Antonio, you may have options to pursue compensation.

Sabine Pilot Claims

Lawyers know that are a few exceptions to Texas’ general employer at-will termination policy. Most of these exceptions rely on the Sabine Pilot doctrine. Sabine Pilot is a judge-made law that states that if an employee’s refusal to commit an illegal act is the sole reason for his or her termination, then such termination is unlawful. This doctrine protects workers from being wrongly discharged for obeying the law as long as they can prove that it is solely the refusal of the order that brought about the firing.

One recent example of Sabine Pilot rule in action was the case of Peine v. HIT Services. Joseph Peine was an accountant and financial officer who HIT Services ordered to falsify the company’s earnings and quarterly reports. He recognized his instructions as potentially illegal and refused. Peine wasn’t fired until later, however, and only after he violated his confidentiality agreement by taking his story to a reporter. HIT Services terminated him after this breach. Because his refusal was not the only reason he was fired, his attempt to file a claim of wrongful termination by invoking Sabine Pilot failed in front of a judge.

Wrongful Termination: What Damages Can I Receive?

If you believe your employer fired you as retaliation for refusal to commit an illegal act, you might be able to pursue legal action. In any wrongful termination of employment suit in San Antonio, enlisting the guidance of an attorney is a significant step in building a successful case. A wrongful termination lawyer in San Antonio can help you determine the sum of your damages and evaluate whether you may be entitled to various forms of compensation, including:

  • Loss of wages
    • The most obvious and type of harm associated with losing your job is usually the loss of a steady paycheck. As you attempt to deal with your damages, the sudden loss of regular income can seriously affect both your quality of life and your financial security.
  • Future loss of wages
    • When you lose your job in unforeseen circumstances, planning the security of your financial future in the long term can become a much more burdensome task. You might find yourself unable to provide for your family in the long run, especially if you are unable to return to work quickly.
  • Loss of benefits
    • Along with missing a steady source of income, your termination may also come with the loss of health benefits, which can further complicate your situation.
  • Pain and suffering
    • Pain and suffering includes a broad category of losses, and also, perhaps, the most difficult to quantify. In most cases, putting a number to damages that are reputational, or emotional require experienced legal representation. If you feel like being fired has contributed to mental anguish or deep grief, speaking to a lawyer may help.
Carabin Shaw: Our San Antonio Employment Lawyers Are Here for You

If you believe your San Antonio employer fired you unfairly and that you may have a case against them, seeking the opinion of an attorney is your best chance to pursue full compensation.

For more information about how to move forward with a successful wrongful termination of employment suit in San Antonio, contact a Carabin Shaw lawyer today. Our team of experienced San Antonio employment lawyers has more than two decades of experience serving clients in San Antonio across the state of Texas.

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