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10 Facts about Sabine Pilot Settlements in Midland, Texas

Every job comes with its own set of drawbacks and risks. But regardless of whether you work in a Midland oil or gas field, or at a desk job for a healthcare company in the Midland/Odessa area, the assumed risks of any job should always exclude mistreatment and unfair termination by an employer.

For Texans who have been wrongfully terminated, at-will employment laws in the state generally give employers the power to hire and fire at their own discretion. But this power, when left unchecked or abused, can leave workers at the mercy of their bosses. What happens if your boss asks you to do something that you believe to be illegal, under the threat of losing your job?

The power of the employee to fight unfair treatment through the filing of a wrongful termination or whistleblower settlement is an important aspect of keeping the employer’s powers in check.

If you have been fired and you think you may be eligible to pursue an employment lawsuit, understanding your situation is key to controlling the outcome. This includes understanding these exceptions and how they may apply to your case. One of the most common exceptions is known as the ‘Sabine Pilot’ rule.

Sabine Pilot Cases: Facts You Need To Know

Here are 10 facts about Sabine Pilot settlements in Texas to keep in mind as you develop a wrongful termination settlement. Understanding these 10 facts about Sabine Pilot settlements in Texas can go a long way to improve your chances for holding an employer accountable for a wrongful discharge:

  1. Because Texas is an at-will employment state, Sabine Pilot claims are the exception, not the rule. This means it may take some arbitration on your behalf to prove your case falls under the Sabine Pilot exception.
  2. The Sabine Pilot rule does not apply to employees fired for multiple cases of insubordination.
  3. Sabine Pilot claims are related to the refusal of an illegal order.
    • This is one of the most basic and important distinctions about the 10 facts about Sabine Pilot settlements in Texas.
  4. For you to argue Sabine Pilot, the employee’s refusal must be the ONLY reason for the termination.
  5. When attempting to invoke the Sabine Pilot rule, the burden of proof rests with the plaintiff.
  6. It’s not just about how you are terminated, it’s about how you handle the termination.
    • The success of a Sabine Pilot case relies upon the employee’s handling of the court proceeding. This means hiring a lawyer, doing your research, and staying on top of your case.
  7. Your settlement begins the moment you learn of the termination.
    • As soon as a discussion about employment termination begins, so does your chances to file a successful Sabine Pilot settlement.
  8. This might be a good time to read and familiarize yourself with your employment contract (if applicable).
    • If you have entered into a contract guaranteeing employment or job security, you may not be able to claim an exception at all. But you won’t know until you do your research.
  9. Action and reaction are not the same thing.
    • When you are fired from a job, especially under suspicious circumstances, it can be frustrating. But even in the face of employer retaliation, always keep your cool, accept the information, and don’t do anything you will regret later when you try to file a claim.
  10. Seek legal representation as soon as you believe you may have a case.
    • The last thing you want to do is wait too long to seek guidance of a lawyer. If your claim is successful, an attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation in a number of areas, including:
      • Loss of wages
      • Future financial loss
      • Pain & suffering
      • Emotional harm
      • Reputational harm
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Filing a wrongful termination case, especially for the first time, can be confusing, and require the guidance of a lawyer who has experience dealing with employment lawsuits. Fortunately, the attorneys from Carabin Shaw are here to help.

For more information and to answer all your questions related to the 10 facts about Sabine Pilot settlements in Texas, contact our experienced Midland employment lawyers today at 800-862-1260, or our Midland office at 432-620-0544. You’ll be glad you did.

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