Midland 18 Wheeler Accidents

The sheer force of an 18-wheeler truck can make a simple car crash turn deadly. Commercial truckers are subject to strict state and federal trucking laws and regulations, many of which ignore them and cause accidents negligently.

Trucking drivers are known to drive long hours and are usually driving against time. They must meet the demands to get loads delivered on time and many receive compensation for meeting these deadlines. Many drivers are willing to cut corners jut to put some money in their pockets. When drivers cut corners they put ordinary daily drivers in jeopardy of being injured.

Commercial trucks also known as 18-wheelers, big rigs, tractor-trailers can cause severe injuries when they crash into smaller vehicles. The driver of a car or truck can be crushed or ejected from the vehicle depending on the speed of impact from the commercial truck.

The lawyers at Carabin & Shaw know the federal and state trucking regulations and laws. Our team will work with investigators and gather all the necessary facts and research to put your case together. While you heal from your injuries we will deal with the trucking companies and their insurance companies.

Do not attempt to deal with the insurance companies and trucking companies by yourself, having an experienced 18-wheeler accidents lawyer in your corner be the difference in you getting your claim denied or paid.

If you or a loved one has been inured in an Midland 18-wheeler accident contact Carabin & Shaw for a free consultation.

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