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Midland Bus Accident

Are you in Midland, Texas? Were you or your loved one injured in a bus accident?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260

If you have gotten hurt in an accident with a bus in Midland, Texas, a Carabin Shaw Attorney can be of help. Our Bus Accident Legal Team has handled bus accident cases in most of Texas. We can, and will, give you an experienced bus accident attorney to work on your case here in Texas.

According to the NHTSA, there are roughly 300 bus accident fatalities each year. These include accidents involving tour, charter, religious, school and mass transit bus types. Among the common reasons for accidents involving busses include dangerous weather and roadway conditions, defective parts, improper maintenance, driver error and other types of negligence. Accidents involving busses frequently is virtually never passenger fault and the frequently large numbers of injured or killed victims command more sympathy in news stories. This is even though all serious or fatal traffic accidents should get our sympathy and the majority of motor vehicle accidents which cause fatalities and injuries are both foreseeable and can be prevented.

Bus accident claims are usually quite complex depending on if you are claiming against a public mass transit provider, a charitable organization a government entity or a private company. An experienced, competent lawyer will help you sort out the various federal and state laws to determine who has legal and factual liability in your particular case; and if there are many different parties you should make a claim against to get properly legally compensated for your losses and injuries.

FAQs: Texas Bus Accident Lawyers

Q: How do I or my family really know if we need an attorney to help us after one of us has been in an accident with a bus?

A: Only a proven, experienced attorney can help you and your family figure out if one or all of you have good legal damages claim. A lawyer will review and analyze all the issues pertinent to your specific potential case such as, medical treatment issues, equipment choice and quality, maintenance records, corporate liability and traffic law compliance. These issues all really require a veteran, experienced, lawyer to give you a competent analysis regarding the area of motor vehicle and bus accident potential liability.

Q: What does the legal term "comparative negligence" really mean? Can it help to determine who is legally liable for a bus accident?

A: “Comparative negligence” is a legal “term of art” lawyers and judges used when they describe how to divide the legal liability for any accident between different drivers based on each driver’s recklessness in causing any accident. A percentage of the fault for the accident is given to each of the drivers and if and when damages get awarded, these exact percentages can be one basis of who pays whom and how much they pay. If and when a bus is involved, some simple examples of “comparative negligence” are: an intoxicated or fatigued driver operating the bus, if all the parts and equipment on the bus functioned as intended, and if anyone disobeyed the traffic laws. Some combination of these and/or other fault factors may cause the court to distribute “negligence” and liability to all the parties found responsible.

Our Midland, Texas bus accident lawyers are ready to help you get the best possible chance at the maximum recovery allowed by Texas and/or federal law. Let us help you today. We take all accident cases on a contingent fee basis. So, if we don’t get you a recovery, we don’t get a legal fee.

Are you in Midland, Texas? Were you or your loved one injured in a bus accident?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260

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