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5 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Uvalde

Personal injuries can be as serious as a traumatic brain injury suffered in an auto accident, or as simple as an minor injury from a product that was not properly labeled. Personal injury law provides the means in civil court for victims of an injury, whether it occurred as a result of another’s negligence, carelessness, or deliberate actions. If you or a loved one has recently suffered what you believe to be a personal injury in Uvalde, contact the experienced lawyers at Carabin Shaw today. Our attorneys will help you sift through the stipulations of your potential case beginning with a free consultation appointment.

Do you believe you have a personal injury lawsuit? The five most common types of personal injury cases in Uvalde, Texas, include:

  1. Negligence
  2. Motor vehicle injuries
  3. Work-related accidents
  4. Product liability
  5. Medical malpractice injuries

There are both federal and state laws governing statute of limitations; each state has the jurisdiction to determine its own statute of limitations within its boundaries. In Uvalde, Texas, the length of time allotted in the statutes of limitations range from one to five years and is dependent on the seriousness of the charges. In addition, if there are written contracts between the parties, it will have a greater impact and will carry more weight in court, it also allows for a longer time period to file a lawsuit; if the case is based on a verbal agreement it is considered harder to prove; you should seek the services of a Carabin Shaw Uvalde personal injury attorney sooner rather than later. When it comes to determining how long to wait or not wait before pursuing a lawsuit remember, time is not on your side.

In addition to the five common types of personal injury cases mentioned above as well as the time limitations you must consider when filing a lawsuit, Carabin Shaw Uvalde personal injury attorneys urge you to evaluate what will impact the level of compensation you are awarded in a lawsuit. When it comes to compensation, the law takes into consideration the amount of pain and suffering you experience. They categorize injuries as hard injury or soft injury.

Hard injury refers to broken bones, lacerations, and spine and nerve injuries, these are injuries that will affect you for the rest of your life. Hard injuries also cover emotional distress, impact on your daily life, the quality of your life. On the other hand, soft injuries are pulled muscles, torn ligaments, sprains, strains and bruising. While traumatic these injuries do not tend to be lifelong or impact the quality of your life on a permanent basis.

Some ways to improve the value of your injury case involves faithfully documenting the factors that might have contributed to your failed treatment, such as:

  • Medications you are now required to take as a result of your injuries
  • Treatments you have had to go through and continue to endure
  • Amount of time you spend going for treatments as a result of your injuries
  • Amount of pain you experience daily
  • Document the impact on your life of the pain and suffering; such as fatigue, depression, etc.,
  • Physical distress you feel as a result of your injuries
  • Emotional distress and fears you now face
  • Financial stress placed on you due to medical care
  • Disruptions to your day-to-day life as a result of your injuries
  • Long term impact on your life

When considering the potential of a lawsuit, you must remember to protect yourself; you can do this by preserving all evidence and immediately contacting a Carabin Shaw attorney.

You should also make sure that you keep your doctor appointments and tell the doctor everything; we’re trained to say “I feel fine” when in fact we may not feel fine—tell the truth and tell all. Your records provide a historical account of the care you sought for your injury, how you were impacted, frequency of care.

There are numerous considerations for your potential lawsuit which can best be discussed with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. One more thought when protecting yourself in case you need to file a lawsuit, don’t broadcast your business on Twitter and Facebook; information can be used against you, twisted—in fact, Tort (referring to Tort law) means twisted or wrong in Latin.

Injury attorneys with Carabin Shaw in Uvalde are available 24/7 to answer questions about your personal injury claim. We’ve pointed out the five common types of personal injury cases people face, however, the reality is there are many more types of personal injury. Browse our website for more information, or call us now at 800-862-1260 and ask for a free consultation. One of our personal injury attorneys will be happy to speak with you.

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