Time is Not on Your Side

Timing can make all the difference in life. The same is true in Law.

There are deadlines, waiting, pushing, more waiting, filling, waiting again. And when a claim can take as many as two years to settle, patience can sometimes be your only friend.

Even in better economic times, it can be hard to be patient while the legal process plays out. The bills are piling up. You are on your last leg of savings. You have not been able to go back to work for months. Or if you have been able to go back to work, those physical therapy and doctors appointments have taken a chunk out of your time and pay. It is amazingly stressful, and it does not make it any better when sometimes all you hear is: wait.

But in recession, it can be even harder. Many of us have lost our jobs, have taken pay cuts, or cannot find enough work to denote a typical work week. Some do not have health insurance, and, let’s admit it COBRA is not really health insurance.

So when people are struggling to stay on top of debt, a car accident or injury can be a huge hit to the psyche. It does not get better when you go against the insurance company either.

See, they, unlike you, have time on their side. Not only do they hope to “starve you out” as one former insurance adjuster once put it, but one way they make profit (aside from fighting tooth and nail to give you what you deserve) is to put the money they make from premiums into investments. So it is, literally in their best interest to keep a car accident victim waiting.

Funny thing, though, the recession has not exactly been good to the insurance companies either. People are lowering their premiums. Many have been selling their cars, or on the more extreme side, have them repossessed. Some are even dropping coverage altogether.

The Insurance Research Council has conjectured that 17 percent of the population will be without car insurance in 2010. Now, insurance companies have ways of combating this sort of thing, but the economy has actually had an impact on the insurance industry too. Not as much as others, because, well their entire business plan is based on taking the least amount of risk. There are conflicting reports, but, insurance companies have been victims to layoffs too.

Decreasing one’s insurance coverage right now is probably the worst idea. And with all the uninsured motorists on the road, now, maybe more than ever, that little bit more money paid every month will save you so much more in financial and emotional terms.
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