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5 Things You Should Know About Hurricane Insurance Claims in Rockport

If you live in the Rockport area of coastal Texas and you were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey’s reckless wind speeds and torrential rainfall, you deserve a fair opportunity to file successful reparation claims with your insurance company. Unfortunately, your insurers may fight the specifics of your case and try to minimize your damages. Even if they immediately take your side on all accounts, the extensive damage left behind by Harvey all across Texas indicates that insurers and insurance companies will be inundated with Rockport hurricane claims related to the storm for weeks and years forthcoming.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a hurricane in Rockport, the lawyers at Carabin Shaw can help you obtain all due compensation for injuries, damage and loss. Our Rockport hurricane insurance claims lawyer will fight at all costs to see our clients’ reparations paid in full in order to facilitate a swift recovery from the aftermath of the storm. The team of attorneys at Carabin Shaw is here to settle your claim, fight for your rights, and even to simply answer any questions about your best options moving forward.

5 Things You Should Know About Hurricane Insurance Claims in Rockport
  1. File with your insurance immediately. You can begin the process of filing a claim from anywhere, even without access to paperwork, Wi-Fi, or electricity. The first thing you must do in an effort to file a claim is to obtain your policy number. In the event that your policy document has been destroyed in the storm, your insurance company will still be able to help you. Insurance companies are currently handling how best to approach the issue of in-person assistance. Many insurers are prepared to travel to affected areas and assess the damage in person, or visit with victims of the flood at shelters, but these things take time. That is why it is important, as soon as you ensure the safety of you and your family, to get in touch with your insurance company. Your policy should describe in detail if there is a time limit on the filing of any of your potential claims, what exactly is covered in your own policy, and other specifics crucial to your case.
  2. Understand which claim to make. There are many different and separate types of insurance claims potentially at work in hurricane damage cases. Due to the various types of damages brought about by a hurricane, complications may arise as you attempt to handle them all at once. You may find yourself dealing with many claims at the same time while you simultaneously strategize how to recover valuables, rebuild or relocate, and restore financial stability in the face of adversity. This is important due in part to another of the five things you should know about hurricane insurance claims in Rockport: the fact that flooding damages are often not built into homeowner insurance policies.
  3. Flooding damages are not included in most policies. Perhaps one of the most serious problems associated with hurricane damage claims is that, barring a few specific circumstances, flooding and water damage are typically not included in most homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas. If your house had an active mortgage, your insurance plan should already include some form of flood damage coverage. Unfortunately, these cases are exceptions to the rule. If you are not so lucky, you may find yourself dealing with extra work associated with separate claims for flooding and wind damage, among others. You might discover that none of your insurance investments can truly do anything to help you obtain compensation for your losses.
  4. Most auto insurance policies cover flood insurance. Harvey’s wind and rainfall destroyed or submerged an estimated 1 million cars across Texas, and likely half a million of these vehicles were owned by private resident. The good news is that an overwhelming majority of auto insurance policies include storm coverage. Losing a car can be just as serious as losing a home’s wall or ceiling. While you determine a course of action in multiple claims for damages to a home or business, for the most part, vehicles lost in a hurricane will be covered by auto insurance policies.
  5. Document everything. Perhaps the most important general rule when dealing with these claims can be condensed down into a single phrase: document everything. With every aspect of your specific claim, it is paramount that the home or business owner record everything related to the case in some form or fashion. Whether it is the details surrounding a phone call between you and your insurance agent, or physical pictures of the extent of damages, the more information you have before heading into a case, the better your chances of success. Carabin Shaw’s attorneys will work tirelessly on your behalf, gathering all available evidence on our way to obtaining recompense, but if you have taken pictures of all damages, and saved receipts from repairs made, this sort of diligence dramatically increases our chances of obtaining your full compensation.

It is important to understand that this simple list of five things you should know about hurricane insurance claims in Rockport is only the beginning of a longer recovery process for victims. That’s why the Rockport lawyers from Carabin Shaw are willing to offer you a free preliminary consultation to help educate you on your best options moving forward with a successful and fair claim settlement.

For more information and a free case consultation regarding any and all damage claims in the wake the of destruction left behind by a hurricane, contact the lawyers at Carabin Shaw in Rockport at 361.717.4411 or call toll-free at 800-862-1260 today.

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