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Rockport Hurricane Harvey Claims

The small Gulf Coast town of Rockport, with a population of just under 11,000 people, fell directly in the path of Hurricane Harvey’s torrential rain and merciless wind when the storm made landfall on the coast in August 2017 In fact, by the time Harvey reached the coastal town of Rockport, top wind speeds had reached almost 130 miles per hour. Rockport as well as the adjacent Port Aransas were perhaps the hardest hit towns of Texas in terms of wind damage. This of course, is not even considering the other most damaging aspect of Harvey’s descent; the water. When the storm was over, more than 50 inches of water had fallen and gathered in the form of flooding, all across the state of Texas.

Fortunately, if you or someone you care about has been affected by Hurricane Harvey in the town of Rockport or anywhere else in Texas, there is a Rockport, Texas hurricane insurance claims lawyer from Carabin Shaw standing by to answer all your questions about what to do after hurricane damage in Rockport and inform you of your optimal next steps for Hurricane Harvey victims in Rockport. If you are one of the thousands of Harvey’s victims in Rockport, one of Carabin Shaw’s experienced hurricane insurance claims lawyers in Rockport, Texas is available day or night to inform all potential clients about your best options moving forward and how to file for Hurricane Harvey damages in Rockport.

The damage left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey totaled somewhere between $5 and $20 billion. Texas’ coastal region was one of the hardest hit areas in Harvey’s trajectory once it made landfall. Harvey has already solidified its reputation as the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Rita over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Texas was grossly underprepared for the brute force of Harvey, and experts determine that more than 70% of home damages left behind after the storm are not covered in homeowner’s insurance policies.

Thankfully, there are a few actions you as the victim can take to best preserve your claim, as it may be days or weeks until an insurance adjuster can make it out your property and assess the damage in person. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, next steps for Rockport residents seeking compensation and a return to normalcy start with the first few actions in the days directly after the storm. The first 5 steps for every Rockport Hurricane Harvey victim are:

  1. Document everything [take pictures of all damage, save receipts]
  2. Minimize your damages
  3. Educate yourself on the claims process moving forward, including the 5 things you should know about hurricane insurance claims in Rockport
  4. Seek legal guidance
  5. Contact your insurance company

In hindsight, the damages suffered by residents of affected areas will likely bolster Harvey’s reputation as the costliest hurricane in modern United States history. A storm of this magnitude has not been witnessed in Texas in hundreds of years. This is perhaps one of the main reasons most Texas homeowner’s insurance policies do not already include consistent flooding and water damage coverage. The legal guidance of a Carabin Shaw hurricane insurance claims lawyer serving Rockport, Texas might be the difference between regaining some semblance of your normal life once more.

In the meantime, insurance companies will continue to be inundated by claims, including Hurricane Harvey insurance claims in Rockport. Unfortunately, many of these companies will try to fight the claims and further complicate an already confusing process for inexperienced victims. In these instances, you may need legal guidance and the assistance of an attorney to maximize your ability to obtain compensation regarding any and all Hurricane Harvey damage claims.

If you or someone you care about has been affected by Hurricane Harvey and finds themselves dealing with any and all Rockport Hurricane Harvey damage claims, the law firm of Carabin Shaw is here to educate and assist you. Our team of attorneys specializes in a wide array of claims and cases pertaining to Rockport Hurricane Harvey insurance claims. These include but are not limited to some of the most common types of Hurricane Harvey damages in Rockport after Hurricane Harvey, such as:

Hurricane damage insurance claims may at first appear to be hopeless endeavors in the wake of such a devastating storm. In order to understand your options, victims deserve to first know that they do indeed have options, and that with proper legal guidance, all assumed loss and damage can and should be restored to you. Carabin Shaw’s hurricane insurance claims lawyer serving Rockport, Texas have over 25 years of experience handling all forms of personal injury cases. These include natural disaster and weather hazards such as:

  • Home and business damage from natural/forest fires
  • Hailstorm damage
  • Flooding and water damage
  • Roof damage
  • Business and home losses
  • Physical injury
  • Wind damage

Contact the lawyers at Carabin Shaw today, day or night., for more information regarding what to do after Hurricane Harvey in Rockport . Our team of Rockport, Texas hurricane insurance claims lawyers is prepared to offer any potential clients an initial consultation, free of charge, in order to determine what the optimal action or actions that each individual insurance claim and Rockport Hurricane Harvey damage report dictates. We want to help you regain your life and property in an expedited and effective manner moving forward after a devastating natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey. Carabin Shaw is here for you; call us today at 800-862-1260.

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