Common Problems with Workers' Comp Claims

There are several common problems that arise in many workers' comp cases. Unfortunate, most attorneys do not accept these types of cases since the passage of what is referred to as the New Texas Workers' Comp Laws in 1992.

Before 1992, a lump sum payment could be made by the employer or their insurance carrier for past monies owed to the employee. After the passage of the new laws in 1992, a lump sum payment arrangement is no longer possible. Furthermore, the fees that an attorney can charge were drastically reduced under the New Act. The fee schedule effectively discourages lawyers’ involvement in these types of cases. As a result, many employees/individuals who need legal representation are not able to locate counsel.

Thus, when an employee goes in front of the Commission without an attorney and the workers comp insurance co shows up with an attorney, it can turn into an unfair fight.

In 2004, the Carabin & Shaw Law Firm decided that injured employees needed a voice.  We became one of only a handful of Law Firms that signed on and began accepting workers compensation cases for injured workers.  Now years later, we have helped level the playing field and made it a fair fight for over 1,000 claimants.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, call our Office.