Injured on the Job?

The experienced work injury attorneys and injury lawyers of the Carabin & Shaw Law Firm can help you recover the monetary damages and benefits you deserve.

On-the-job injuries, construction accidents and work injuries are all too common. And a good percentage of the population of Texas work jobs that expose them to a significant measure of danger each and every day.
Unfortunately each and every year tens of thousands of Texans are severely injured on the job.

The attorneys of the Carabin & Shaw Law Firm have two decades of representing work accident victims and other injury victims and their families.

It is our belief that by putting a good injury lawyer on your side you can show reckless companies the true cost of putting profit ahead of worker safety.

We believe that every Texan has the right to a safe work place. And we believe that a large majority of work places can be improved by competent and thorough training and instructions, safe and functional equipment and machinery, full access to all necessary safety devices, and managers and supervisors who listen to the safety concerns of their workers and follow up with implementation of additional safe guards as incidents arise.

While almost all other Law Firm have stopped accepting workers comp or work injury law cases due to the complexities of the Texas Workers' Compensation Act, our Firm remains committed to representing work accident victims and to help them recover every dollar that they deserve.

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We are very glad we called Carabin Shaw after our accident. We now recommend them to everyone.
You want Carabin Shaw on your side after an accident. They were excellent.
In our opinion, no one is better, Carabin Shaw is the Law Firm you want on your side after an accident.
The attorneys and staff went out of their way to help us after our accident. Thank you Carabin Shaw.
We did our research after our accident and chose Carabin Shaw. They were great. Highly recommend.