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Dangers of Working in the Oilfield | El Paso Injury and Accident Attorneys

The oilfield is one of the most unsafe workplaces in El Paso, and also one of the most hazardous. Working in an oilfield presents many threats to your safety and well-being, and negligent management compounds these hazards. If any of the following dangers of working in the oilfield has affected you, you might be entitled to compensation. Consider hiring the El Paso accident lawyers of Carabin Shaw.

Negligent Supervision

The majority of El Paso oilfield accidents occur because of negligence. Those overseeing operations at an oilfield are responsible for enforcing all OSHA-enforced safety procedures. If supervisors are distracted, impaired, or overly permissive of safety violations for the sake of convenience, they risk—and are responsible for—those workers suffering from an injury as a result of those unsafe conditions. You have the right to careful safety supervision in your workplace, and the violation of that right entitles you to some compensation. If you negligent supervision led to your injury, contact Carabin Shaw to speak to one of our El Paso injury and accident attorneys about a lawsuit.

Improper Equipment Maintenance

Oilfield work involves the operation of heavy machinery, which, if improperly maintained, can become dangerous. While most equipment, if poorly cared for, will become ineffective, a poorly-maintained tank or generator can lead to severe injuries. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that all equipment used by workers is up to standards; failure to do so is negligent and dangerous. If poor equipment maintenance contributed to an accident that injured you, contact one of our lawyers to discuss possible legal action.

Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

El Paso oilfield accidents do not only result in immediate injury but can lead to long-lasting health problems. Oilfield work involves the risk of exposure to poisonous chemicals such as benzene and hydrofluoric acid. These chemicals pose serious threats to your health, even potentially leading to cancer. Oilfield safety regulations should see to minimize exposure to these chemicals, but lax oversight can lead to overexposure. If you believe that you have become sick as a result of poisonous chemicals inhaled during routine oilfield work, you may be entitled to some damages. Get in touch with one of our Texas oilfield injury attorneys to discuss your case.

What to Do After an Accident

Oilfield accidents can have devastating effects on your health, your finances, and your quality of life. They will leave you with medical bills and with lost wages due to the inability to work, and particularly severe accidents may lead to distress upon returning to work. You deserve compensation for all of these damages, including your pain and suffering. Getting in touch with an attorney who specializes in El Paso oilfield accidents is your best chance of receiving it.

When looking for an attorney to represent your personal injury claim against an oilfield, make sure to be selective. You want a lawyer with extensive experience working on similar cases, who is knowledgeable about all of the compensation to which you are entitled. He or she should be dedicated to fighting for you in court. Carabin Shaw’s El Paso accident lawyers have that experience, knowledge, and commitment, and will provide you with careful and attentive legal representation. We are passionate about fighting for your rights.

Act quickly, as your evidence will be more compelling the sooner you present your case. Waiting too long may indicate to a court that the effects of your injury are not sufficiently severe.

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