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Daycare and Childcare Abuse in Laredo Tx

No parent in Laredo Tx should ever have to learn that the organizations they entrust to care for their children are causing them harm. And yet, abuse within daycare and other childcare facilities happens all too frequently. In 2017 alone, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that as many as 2,237 daycare providers were found to be abusing or neglecting children in their care.

And while all forms of abuse have the potential to be tremendously damaging, sexual abuse may be an especially devastating experience for children and their families. This is because many forms of sexual abuse can go on for long periods of time without being detected, often causing psychological trauma, pain, and suffering long after the abuse has ended. And though no parent ever wants to learn their child has been a victim of an incident of childcare abuse, having skilled legal assistance in its aftermath can help. The Texas personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw have the experience needed to handle sexual abuse cases with the professionalism and care that victims deserve.

Steps to Take to Identify and Stop Childcare Abuse

Sadly, even if parents are observant and take all the proper steps to screen a childcare facility, they may not be able to stop abuse from occurring. Yet, by being aware of the common signs of childcare abuse, parents can intervene quickly to protect their children.

The following is a list of advice from Laredo sexual abuse lawyers designed to empower parents to quickly recognize abuse when it occurs, and take decisive action to hold perpetrators accountable.

Be on the Lookout for Common Warning Signs

In some situations, the physical signs that sexual abuse has taken place will be easily noticed by a parent. Such indications include STD infections, torn or soiled clothing, and trauma to a child’s genital area.

In many cases, however, parents will have to look for more subtle cues in their child’s mood or behavior to recognize that abuse is taking place. Common behavioral signs that parents should be aware of include frequent and intense mood swings, clinginess or fear of other adults, bedwetting, and a sudden or age-inappropriate interest in sex.

Seek Medical Treatment and Report Abuse as Soon as Possible

Daycare abuse attorneys serving Laredo recommend that if parents do notice the above warning signs of abuse, they take their child to a healthcare facility for further evaluation and treatment as quickly as possible. In addition to securing medical treatment, parents can report their suspicions to the police or other state authorities, who will initiate a thorough investigation into a childcare facility and its employees.

Caregivers should never attempt to confront abusers directly, as this could further endanger both their children and themselves.

Seek Legal Guidance From a Specialized Attorney

The legal proceedings that follow an incidence of daycare and childcare abuse can be complex. Childcare organizations have been known to try to get around civil lawsuits by claiming legal immunity for the actions of their employees.

When facing these challenges, working with a trained lawyer ensures that your case is pursued skillfully and has the best chance of success.

A lawyer can help you secure compensation for costs like medical treatments and psychotherapy, as well as your child’s ongoing pain and suffering.

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