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Del Rio Overweight Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents consistently make headlines because they cause so much damage. This is true across a wide variety of auto accidents, with one exception: Del Rio overweight truck accidents. Many trucking companies have been known to violate a number of state and federal regulations in regards to truthfully logging their drivers’ hours of operation, and properly training owner-operators who are also contractors. But an overweight truck is a hazard at all times on every mile it travels. This is why you will notice weigh stations on every major highway connected to Del Rio.

Over the years, our lawyers have paid special attention to accidents involving overweight trucks. Our goal is to make these incidents more public, and therefore less likely to be repeated in future. If you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, whether the truck was overweight or not, call our Del Rio truck accident attorney today.

Since even before the Industrial Revolution, people have been trying to carry more than they want to let on. The purpose of weigh stations is to ensure that no one truck is carrying so much cargo that a collision with another vehicle would automatically result in catastrophic levels of irreparable damage. Because semi-trucks are already so dangerous, these weight limits are meticulously standardized and all 18-wheelers are held to that standard.

Unfortunately, many trucking companies would rather pay their drivers an extra hour’s wages to drive around the various stations surrounding Del Rio, thereby avoiding the scrutiny. When asked about these practices, dispatchers will often cite traffic, weather, road conditions, miscellaneous reports from other trucking companies, and a wide array of factors that can be difficult to verify after the accident. This is why our lawyers have spent so much time studying the ins and outs of Del Rio overweight truck accidents. There is usually more to these cases than initially meets the eye.

In the aftermath of any Del Rio truck accident, one of the first things our attorneys look for is some way to implicate the trucking company, rather than the driver. In cases where the truck was overweight, this is important because, short of refusing to drive the truck (and agreeing to quit de facto), the driver, though they may have contributed to the cause of the accident, was not responsible for the weight of their cargo. This means that the blame for the more egregious damages and injuries sustained falls on the company, which in turn means two things. First, it gives our lawyers greater opportunity to secure a higher amount of compensation for those injuries than if we focused our case on the driver alone; and second, it sends a message to other trucking companies involved in similarly disreputable practices. By winning your case and making these companies pay for their mistakes, we are helping keep roads in Del Rio safer for everyone.

Del Rio overweight truck accidents should not be taken lightly and deserve more attention than they have received in the past. Our attorneys are working to make South Texas roads safer, and representing your interests and protecting the innocent is part of that plan. If you or someone you know in Del Rio has been injured as a result of a commercial trucking accident, do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer free consultations to everyone who calls, and we keep working for you until we know you are going to receive the highest amount of compensation allowable.

Do not hesitate to reach out—time is as important as trust in these scenarios. Let the law firm of Carabin Shaw restore both to you and your family—call us today at 800-862-1260.

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