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Truck Driver Logs and Inspection

Semi-truck and 18-wheeler accidents are governed by a complex set of laws and regulations, much more complex than an accident between two passenger cars. When it comes to liability and restitution in the trucking industry, victims are up against a huge industry established on very specific regulations with lots of money to protect their interests. There are, however, regulations that can work in the favor of an astute litigator. Look to Carabin Shaw for skilled and knowledgeable attorneys in the San Antonio area– our team is ready to provide you with the best representation available.

Trucking Industry Regulations and Record Keeping

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration governs how vehicles over a certain weight must be maintained, determine specific training requirements for commercial drivers, and specify the manner in which a driver’s administrative records must be kept. In addition, all drivers are required to maintain a book of truck driver logs and inspections.

Carabin Shaw’s practical and knowledgeable lawyers are well versed on the laws and regulations that govern 18-wheeler accidents. They know these logs are required to be kept, and they also know what should be in them and how long they should be maintained. In addition, they are savvy enough to know that sometimes drivers maintain duplicate logs to avoid fines for driving longer than the legal limit. Uncovering these discrepancies can be challenging, and requires an astute and tenacious attorney who will turn over every stone to find the necessary evidence and answers.

A San Antonio trucking accident attorney must be familiar with FMCSA regulations governing the trucking industry and up-to-date on many of the laws and regulations concerning the operation of commercial vehicles. There are established standardized principles upon which the trucking industry must operate across the United States concerning the use of alcohol, vehicle performance and maintenance levels, the hours-of-service of drivers, and logging hours driven in a day.

Truck driver logs and inspection are mandated to protect drivers from driver fatigue and the pain so often faced by victims of this negligence. When a trucker drives too many hours in a day or skips maintenance, others suffer. Our attorneys know how to hold commercial truckers’ compliance with these standards accountable, and will quickly request the driver’s log be secured and held as evidence to insure proof of compliance.

Time is of the essence in these matters, as drivers are only required to retain their logs for a limited period of time. Many might assume that police reports and eyewitnesses are sufficient for making an accident claim against the commercial transportation industry, but there are a different set of accountability and liability rules for these drivers. The history provided in their log and inspection book hold the essential piece of proof needed to win your case.

Carabin Shaw has the Winning Experience

After a truck accident, it is critical to contact our attorneys immediately. Any delay in initiating the legal process could result in a loss of this log and its vital information; information that might substantiate reliable evidence of driver negligence and fault that might win your case.

The experts at Carabin Shaw coordinate all investigative interactions with the proper authorities and work aggressively to secure the evidence before it vanishes. In addition to these logs, we can request the investigating authorities conduct a reconstruction of the accident to determine the exact caused. When your Carabin Shaw attorney subpoenas the truck driver logs and inspection book, any tampering with the entries will become immediately apparent.

As the leading accident and injury attorneys in the San Antonio area, we know how to immediately recognize the quantifiable legal actions and restitution available to the victims of 18-wheeler accidents.

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained personal injuries or property damages, contact the law offices of Carabin Shaw today. We are available 24/7 to provide you with an initial free consultation. Based on that consultation, our legal professionals will guide you on the best path forward with your claim, and advise of every option you have as a victim of a commercial trucking accident.

For your free consultation with a San Antonio semi-truck accident attorney, call our San Antonio hotline at 210-222-2288. Our courteous and bilingual staff is waiting to discuss how we can best serve you and secure a just and equitable settlement for your losses.

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