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Disability 101

Under standards the basis of a disability claim will help you understand what you are up against.  This page on our website was designed to provide you with an overview of the changes and keys and ways you can prevail on a Social Security Claims.  If you have a question or need assistance with a disability Claim call our Law Firm day or night, we can help.

First, regardless of what anyone tells you, if you are disabled and unable to work, you should file for benifits to pursue a claim for Social Security disability, or ssi based on disability.  It is important to get your claim filed as soon as possible.  Get it filed immediately. The sooner the better, for SSI disability claims can take a very long time to process.

The second major point to address is that if you are denied or have been denied on your Initial Claim, it's good idea to call our Law Firm.  The sooner your get legal representation and help on your claim the better.  For the claimants who have an attorney on their side statistically improve their chances of winning.
Third , if you think you may have problems doing the paperwork for your social security disability Claim, always, always always get an attorney on your side to help. An extraordinary number of persons who apply for benefits, or file an appeal following a denial, fail to properly complete their paperwork, or fail to submit their forms in a timely manner (all appeals for disability must be filed within 60 days of the date of the last denial).
And the fourth matter that is extremely important is that since your Social Security Disability or SSI claim will be evaluated on the basis of your medical records, the best advice is to get regular, ongoing medical treatment. Reason no. 1: even if your past medical records indicate that you are disabled, an examiner or judge will not be able to approve your claim for continuing benefits if current medical records are not available to substantiate your claim. Reason no. 2: if you attempt to get a supporting statement from your doctor, you may have difficulty getting your physician to cooperate if he/she has not seen you recently. If you lose your medical coverage before your claim for benefits is approved, as is sometimes the case, try to be seen at a free clinic, county health department, or emergency room. While these treatment sources are not the best, they are, simply put, better than nothing. Another avenue to pursue may be with your state's Vocational Rehab department. Very often, VR can assist claimants in getting certain testing and examinations paid for. Though this is always for the purpose of developing a VR claim, vr counselors are usually willing to supply these records to a claimant's representative as well. Just remember this advice: as a general rule you cannot be approved for social security disability or ssi based on disability if you are not seen by a medical provider at least once every two months.

In closing, if you need our Law Firm on your side, call us day or night.  The call is free, the initial consultation is free.  Sit down with us for free and lets us review your claim for SSI Benefits, the medical records and the current status of the Claim.  We can help. Call us Toll Free at 800-862-1260.
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