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El Paso Daycare Sexual Abuse

We all want to believe that our children are safe in the hands of caregivers, but statistics don’t lie. According to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN), nearly 93% of childhood sexual abuse victims know their abuser personally. Perhaps we should worry less about “stranger danger” and more about the people we trust, including daycare providers in El Paso Tx.

If your child was sexually abused by a caregiver, help is available. Texas personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw have spent our entire careers fighting for our clients’ rights. We strive not just to win your case, but to treat you with dignity and respect during the entire process. Call us for a free consultation.

How Carabin Shaw Fights for Daycare Abuse Victims

If your child was inappropriately touched at daycare, your first steps should be to contact the authorities, seek medical help, and call El Paso child injury attorneys. In cases of sexual abuse, lawyers at Carabin Shaw can help by:

Filing a Civil Claim

The police and El Paso District Attorney Yvonne Rosales may file criminal charges against your child’s abuser, but an attorney can assist you in pursuing a civil case and hopefully obtaining compensation.

Locating Proper Resources

The aftermath of sexual abuse is traumatizing and often expensive. At Carabin Shaw, we don’t just focus on the legal side—we help answer our clients’ needs across the board. This includes securing the best medical help, such as doctors at El Paso Children’s Hospital. We’ve also helped clients gain access to emergency financial support for living expenses.

Keeping You in the Loop

Many clients find the legal system confusing and overwhelming. At Carabin Shaw, our empathetic El Paso daycare injury attorneys endeavor to keep clients involved and updated. You won’t be left wondering what to do next or what’s happening with your case.

Your family isn’t alone. Daycare sexual abuse is horrific, but trusted lawyers can alleviate some of the burden, seek justice on your child’s behalf, and hopefully secure compensation.

Seeking Compensation for Sexual Abuse at Daycare

When it comes to recuperating financial losses after a caregiver molests your child, a lawyer must follow several steps. These include:

Establishing Duty of Care

A “duty of care” is the legal obligation to act in a way that doesn’t harm others. In daycare abuse cases, your attorney will establish who had a duty of care to your child. This may include daycare workers, owners, corporations, school districts, religious entities, and more. For example, a public school district owes a duty of care to every child in their classes and after-school activities.

Proving a Breach of Duty

Once your legal representative has established duty of care, they must show who breached their duty (besides just the abuser). For example, if a corporation owns a daycare but fails to background check their employees, they breached their duty of care.

Estimating Damages

Another step in securing compensation in molestation cases is estimating the damages that resulted from the abuse. This includes direct monetary damages like medical bills and lost wages as well as more emotional or behavioral damages.

For example, many victims of childhood sexual abuse suffer from PTSD and anxiety. They are also more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior and substance abuse. All of these risk factors can lead to financial and emotional difficulties.

The above are just some of the necessary steps for securing compensation for sexual abuse. The experienced lawyers at Carabin Shaw fully understand this process and want to help your family seek justice.

Free Consultations at Carabin Shaw

When it comes to daycare sexual abuse, the effects are too severe to face alone. Don’t let the legal process scare you away from pursuing much-deserved compensation. Carabin Shaw’s sexual abuse lawyers in Texas are ready to advocate for you.

Call us toll-free, 24/7, at 800-862-1260. English and Spanish-speaking representatives are standing by.

Visits with the Attorney are by appointment only. Main office San Antonio, Texas.

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