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Galveston on the Job Injury

Are you in Galveston, Texas? Were you injured while working at your job?

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Galveston Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Carabin Shaw has work accident injury lawyers for the Galveston, Texas area ready to help you. Our work injury lawyers are ready to dedicate our legal team to making sure that you, as an injured worker, get the compensation you are entitled to after an occupational or on-the-job injury.

Workers in and around Galveston, TX get injured each and every day as they perform their work tasks. These tasks are necessary to fuel profits for wealthy, large corporations. Workers often get injured while working at construction sites in Galveston, manufacturing industrial plants, assembly plants and refineries. On top of various other claims, Texas’ laws establish a right to workers’ compensation, frequently known as “workers’ comp,” to help compensate workplace injury victims and their loved ones and families in such hard times.

Proof of Fault is not Needed to Collect “Workers Comp.”

Under a different set of “Workers Comp” laws, and unlike in a normal negligence case, proving fault is not necessary, if you are injured while you are in the "course and scope of employment" at your workplace, or are working anywhere on your Galveston employer’s time, you are entitled to get your medical bills paid for and your workers' compensation payments (indemnity) without regard to who caused your injury at work or the exact details of how it happened.

If you have suffered injury while on the job anywhere in Texas, then you should have coverage under workers’ compensation. This is a set of statutes designed to get any injured employee compensation even if the employee was entirely at fault in causing their own injuries. Essentially, an employee gets compensation for any medical care and/or disability if they get injured while working on the job notwithstanding their role in any injury, and this is true even if any injuries happened entirely because of the employee in question’s fault.

In the State of Texas, the workers’ compensation statutes can be found contained in the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act. This is Title 5 of Texas Labor Code and the coagmpensation section is Chapters 401-506 . Also, you can find helpful and updated information about Texas workers’ compensation laws at a website kept up by the state agency known as the “Texas Department of Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Division.”

What Can Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do About Your if Your Employer Doesn’t Carry Insurance Which Covers Workers’ Compensation?

Texas state law in general does not mandate that an employer provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Employers who chose to opt out of the Texas workers’ compensation legal system are generally called “non-subscribers.” You can sue this kind of employer directly with what is usually called a “non- subscriber claim.” These “non-subscriber” claims are very good, strong, injury claims because your employer forfeits their general legal right to claim that any kind of fault by the injured employee is any kind of defense. They can be sued directly for work-related injuries. People in Galveston who are employed by non-subscribers may file suit for personal injury in court or seek compensation through the use of an arbitration proceeding. These kinds of claims get filed directly against your employer for the employer’s negligence. Do realize though that if you are employed by a non-subscriber, your rights are wider in terms of your rights to compensation for any disabilities you have suffered, to proper medical care, and to compensation any for lost wages. This is on top of your right to file a personal injury suit for employer’s negligence.

You should contact a workers’ comp attorney in Galveston today for good legal advice about an injury you sustained while you were employed by a non-subscriber.

Are you in Galveston, Texas? Were you injured while working at your job?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260

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