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Galveston Tragic Swimming Pool Accidents

Are you in Galveston, Texas? Were you or your loved one injured while in or around a swimming pool?

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Summer is usually a time for fun in the sun. There are camping, beaches and pools. This is also, sadly, the most common time for people to have water-involved accidents. Accidents in swimming pools are particularly sad and tragic due to their generally easily preventable nature. With proper safety measures and life guards in place and on duty, accidents like these should rarely result in death or serious injury, but both things happen frequently.

Open or unhindered access to pools, unmonitored children, diving from an unsafe height, negligent maintenance pools and their surrounding area, diving into shallow water, excessive alcohol consumption while going in the water are only a few of the reasons that accidents occur. According to the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”), “a Federal Agency, in 2005, there were at least 3,582 fatal unintentional drownings in the United States. They averaged ten per day.” Additionally, accidental drowning is the unfortunate second leading cause of death for young children under the age of four.

How do These Swimming Pool Accidents Really Happen?

Accidents, sadly, can happen at any time, anywhere, but water’s inherent nature water makes accidents more likely near or in a swimming pool. A great many accidents involving swimming pools are really slip and fall type accidents due to the slick and wet nature of the surfaces near any pool.

Some other accidents can happen due to lifeguard distraction or error. The actual legal cause can be the property owner, lifeguard or swimming pool operator’s negligence. Retractable ladders can fail. Safety latches can be defective. Either of these can result in failure to keep unsupervised pool areas free of small children. Other instances of missing or faulty equipment can also lead to a tragedy.

Injuries Associated With Swimming Pool Accidents.

There is an unfortunately high rate of brain injuries, many permanent that go with near drownings like these. The tragic young lives which are changed by such accidents can never be truly the same. All of the victims’ and their families will suffer losses that cannot really be measured and must go through the struggle needed to rebuild what they can of their lives. Any small bit of justice which can be obtained with litigation can only be a small band-aid that may keep someone else from suffering the same unfortunate fate. Carabin Shaw understands how sensitive a time this difficult period is.

If, sadly, you or a loved one get injured while in or around a swimming pool, it is very important that you quickly seek experienced and competent legal counsel so that you may assert protection over your financial and medical future.

When dealing with the aftermath of the nearly overwhelming tragedy of a swimming pool accident or near-drowning, you need help while attempting navigation of the complex legal process. Carabin Shaw has been successfully dealing with accident litigation for in excess of 20 years and giving families real help while they heal and through getting them some reasonable sense of peace.

We can be on your side while you try and get just compensation for your loved one’s medical bills and the damages to which you are legally entitled. Families have depended on us for many years. So can you.

Are you in Galveston, Texas? Were you or your loved one injured while in or around a swimming pool?

Give Carabin Shaw a call. We can help. Call us at 800-862-1260

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