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How is an 18 Wheeler Accident Different? | Midland Attorneys

Each year, some of the deadliest and most devastating car accidents are caused by commercial trucks which are involved in 500,000 wrecks annually in the U.S. Midland 18 wheeler accidents are a serious problem facing our city due to the large number of commercial vehicles that travel through Midland every day. If you’re wondering, “How is an 18 wheeler accident different than other types of wrecks?” our Midland truck accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw are here to tell you about the risks involved with commercial vehicles, and why they are so dangerous to other drivers.

1. Commercial Trucks Are MUCH Heavier and Larger Than Other Vehicles

Did you know that commercial trucks are thirty times heavier than the average passenger vehicle? That’s right – eighteen wheelers often weigh as much as 80,000 pounds... and that’s just the legal weight limit. Because of this size discrepancy, commercial trucks can cause catastrophic damage when they collide with cars – and in most cases, the truck drivers walk away unharmed. In fact, statistics reveal that passengers and drivers of the non-commercial vehicle account for 77% of injuries and 86% of deaths that occur in 18 wheeler wrecks.

2. Truck Driver Fatigue is a Serious Problem

Because trucking companies hold drivers to strict schedules, many truck drivers are overworked and tired. Due to unrealistic deadlines set by companies, truck drivers will often continue driving even when they’re exhausted in a misguided attempt to stay on schedule. The result is that these fatigued truck drivers put everyone else on the road at risk, causing many Midland 18 wheeler accidents every year. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board estimates that as many as 30 to 40% of all semi truck accidents involve driver fatigue, and the CDC reports that commercial truck drivers are more likely than the average driver to drive when fatigued.

3. Commercial Truck Accident Lawsuits Require Specialized Knowledge

Commercial vehicle accident cases are much more complex than ordinary car accident lawsuits. This is because your lawyer must be familiar with trucking industry regulations in your state in order for your lawsuit to be successful. Depending on the circumstances of the wreck, the trucking company may be liable for the truck driver’s negligence, and you may need to sue them in order to seek damages. In these cases especially, you’ll need an attorney who is an expert on the trucking industry in your state, as well as the laws governing it.

Looking for a Truck Accident Lawyer in Midland?

If you’ve been in a wreck involving a commercial vehicle, you need a lawyer – but not just any lawyer. If you’re wondering, “How do I choose the right semi truck accident lawyers near me?” then you should know there are several credentials to look for. You need someone with years of experience handling commercial vehicle accident cases, someone with a winning track record, and someone with a large enough team to go up against a trucking company. Fortunately, our team at Carabin Shaw meets all these criteria and more. Our Midland truck accident lawyers have a combined 200 years of legal experience, and we’ve secured more than $500 million in compensation for our clients – meaning we know how to maximize the value of your settlement.

If you’re ready to take the next step, we’re ready to take your call. Our attorneys serving Midland want to help you get compensation and justice after your 18 wheeler wreck. To find out how we can help, call us today at (432) 620-0544 to receive a free consultation with an attorney.

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