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Kenedy Multiple Party Accidents

It’s easy to get lost in the turmoil of a Kenedy multiple party accident. When more than one car is involved, it usually isn’t immediately clear who was at fault. The resulting sense of unfamiliarity and confusion can snowball through everyone involved – especially if the Kenedy accident is relatively serious with multiple injuries – leading to a chain reaction of communal panic even among the most seasoned and collected of drivers.

If you find yourself in such a situation, remember to fight the urge to give in to the immediate and sometimes overwhelming shock, and stay calm. Before doing anything else, get yourself and anyone with you off the road, away from the vehicles, and to safety. You may think you should immediately start investigating the cause of the crash, but a situation as chaotic as a multiple car accident is best handled by professionals. The first call you make should be to Kenedy emergency services. The second should be to a lawyer.

If you’re reading this because you have been in a Kenedy multiple party accident, drop everything and call the experienced, professional attorneys at Carabin Shaw right away. Time is of the essence in complicated matters such as these, and any further delay could put your right to restitution in jeopardy, even for cases personal injury or wrongful death.

The Growing Dangers of Kenedy Multiple Party Accidents

The most common causes of Kenedy auto accidents are usually driver negligence, drunk or distracted driving, and recklessness. While any of these culprits are just as likely to create a wreck between two vehicles as they are twenty, new dangers with especially increased likelihoods of involving multiple vehicles in a single, careless misstep are on the rise.

Today, road risks in Karnes County are multiplied by growing development in the area and the associated increase in construction traffic. The booming oil industry presents additional hazards as well, as the Eagle Ford shale industry has brought thousands of workers into the South Texas area. These workers and drivers are often on the roads of Kenedy daily, with many finding themselves behind the wheel after their shifts end late at night and driving while fatigued– or worse, inebriated.

Don’t Risk Your Case With the Wrong Lawyer

In the tangled web of litigation, those at fault may try to use the confusion to their advantage - especially if they have a cunning lawyer of their own who knows the statutes of limitations will protect them if they can wait it out and stay unnoticed. In Texas, accidental injury and death only have a two year window in which a victim may file a claim, no matter how liable the defendant may be. Therefore, not only do you need the best Kenedy chain-reaction accident attorney available, such as those at Carabin Shaw, you need one as soon as possible.

This is especially true if a commercial or work vehicle was at fault - businesses have a greater ethical and legal duty to take responsibility for any harm caused by the vehicles they license and operate. Unfortunately, this is a duty that many business owners will shirk without hesitation. If this is the case, it is vital to identify them as soon as possible and hold the accountable before they try to slip away in the confusion.

Proving liability can be very complex without gathering as much evidence as possible, so making as many notes as possible as soon as you can after the accident in Kenedy can help your lawyer pin down a guilty party. Even still, many cases come down to the skill and experience of the lawyer despite your best efforts.

That’s why you need the experienced attorneys at Carabin Shaw on your side. Don’t trust your right to justice with less competent rookies. With over 22 years of experience in dealing with insurance company claims, we know how to build your case quickly and aggressively to get you the compensation you deserve.

Call Carabin Shaw Today

If you or a family member has been involved in a multiple vehicle accident in Kenedy, contact the legal experts at Carabin Shaw. We can assist you in filing a personal injury claim, and take the stress and anxiety out of the legal process. You may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical injuries, as well as any property damage you may have sustained as a result of the accident.

Insurance companies will send their adjusters and investigators in an attempt to shift liability from their client to other parties. Without the proper knowledge and preparation to deal with their army of swindlers, you may lose any chance of receiving compensation for your property or medical expenses.

Don’t gamble with your rights. Let the experienced attorneys at Carabin Shaw in Kenedy deal with these insurance companies and their profit-over-people legal teams. Our industry-wide reputation will be your shield against their schemes, and you’ll be facing them armed with our well-proven record of success.

All you need to do is pick up the phone– we’ll handle the rest. The call is free, the initial consultation of your case is free, and best of all, the peace of mind that comes with it is free.

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