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Kenedy Texting and Trucking

With the introduction of cell phones and other handheld electronic devices into our culture, distracted driving has become a significant problem on Texas roadways. Texting and driving is dangerous enough in a passenger vehicle, but texting while operating an 18-wheeler increases the level of risk to other drivers in Kenedy. While not at the level of a major urban area, there is still a high number of accidents involving distracted drivers in Kenedy texting and trucking. You may want to consider speaking with an attorney for a number of reasons.

Across the US, over 3300 people lose their lives and another 400,000 are seriously injured as the result of distracted driving. The problem has risen to the level where it has become a public safety challenge, with many calling for the enactment of policies and laws at the state and federal levels.

There are some federal restrictions address the use of cell phones and other devices while driving, but many of these apply to federal employees. Most polls indicate the public is in favor of addressing the challenge of distracted driving at the state level, and most states have enacted some type of law prohibiting texting while driving, especially by newly licensed drivers.

Most cities in Texas, including Kenedy, have enacted some type of cell phone ban for vehicle operators. The state has also recently approved a statewide law that goes into effect in September 2017. These local and state regulations are in place to safeguard and roads and highways. But some drivers will still make the dangerous choice of texting and driving, and this risky behavior is not just limited to drivers of passenger automobiles.

Many drivers of 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles are already operating their vehicles under the impairment of fatigue, or with inadequate experience and training. The added distraction of texting while driving or using some other electronic device increases the likelihood of an accident with a passenger vehicle.

Kenedy 18-wheeler accidents with passenger automobiles pose a particular risk for serious injuries. These injuries are often devastating and can have lifelong effects on the victims. The statistics paint a grim picture of what can happen when your car is in an accident with an 18-wheeler.

In 2014, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reported close to 4000 fatalities and more than 100,000 people injured in 18-wheeler accidents. Of the fatalities, 73% were occupants of passenger vehicles; 74% of those injured were also in passengers vehicles. As you can see, the greater risk for these types of accidents is faced by everyday drivers like you.

Trucking companies in Kenedy and their vehicle operators are covered by large insurance companies with teams of lawyers advising them on how best to keep their expenses to a minimum. After an accident with a truck driver in Kenedy texting and trucking, the insurance company may contact you and ask for statements, copies of your medical bills, or other documentation as part of their investigation. They may even try to offer you a quick settlement long before your treatment is complete. Talking with these insurance companies without legal representation could put any compensation to which you’re entitled at risk.

After an accident with an 18-wheeler operator involving Kenedy texting and trucking, do not attempt to take matters into your own hands and do not agree to talk with anyone until you’ve had a chance to consult with an attorney who can assess your case. Only after doing so can you make the best decision on how to proceed.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident caused by the negligence of a truck driver, give us a call. The Kenedy texting while driving lawyers of Carabin Shaw have the experience and resources to protect you and your rights. Your initial consultation with one of our attorneys is free of charge, and we don’t collect anything unless we win your case.

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