Midland Driver Negligence

Carabin & Shaw Law Firm has been vigorously representing motorcycle accident victims since 1992. Motorcycle drivers in Midland and across Texas run a high risk of being seriously injured or even killed if involved in an accident with a negligent driver. Many drivers tend to dangerously multitask like texting while driving. This can cause attention to be diverted and motorcycle riders will go unnoticed due to their small size, which can lead to a lethal mistake.

For the victims of motorcycle accidents, injuries can range from broken bones to head trauma, or even death. Carabin & Shaw can provide a Midland reckless driving lawyer to provide the best legal care for you, your loved one and your familes. Our attorneys understand the importance of representing victims of motorcycle accidents, so we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Visit Midland motorcycle accidents for more information regarding accidents and compensation resulting from Midland driver negligence.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers represent victims of Midland driver negligence - victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to driver inattentiveness, speeding, texting while driving, improper lane changes, being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Many accidents could have simply be avoided if drivers in cars and trucks simply extended the same attention and courtesy to motorcycle drivers as they give other drivers. Initial consultations with our law firm are ALWAYS free. Our Midland attorneys seek to make sure that proper investigation is conducted to be sure that motorcyclists receive the reparations they deserve.

Carabin & Shaw is prepared to take on the insurance company and dismiss the claim that the motorcyclist contributed to the accident, when it was really the other driver that was negligent. We understand that many times motorcyclists do not receive the protection they deserve and are accused of being at fault. The biased opinion that motorcycle drivers are reckless, ignores the fact that automobile drivers are more prone to be distracted on the road. Accident investigation helps us establish the legitimacy of any insurance claims made post-accident. Trust our attorneys to ensure that Midland driver negligence will be taken care of by providing victims with knowledgeable, experienced legal representation.

We understand the love that you have for your personal property and at Carabin & Shaw, we have extensive experience in dealing with motorcycle losses. With damage to motorcycles frequently ending in destruction of property, we work tirelessly to fight for pay on damages and potentially helping replace this loss.

Driver negligence can cost victims and their families a great deal. Financial strife can easily pile up due to emergency room fees, x-rays and hospital fees plus ambulatory fees. At Carabin & Shaw, we understand the range in damages and know that you deserve compensation for not only your injuries, but property damage and loss of wages in respect to being involved in an accident as well. Our lawyers will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve while you heal from your injuries in Midland.

Motorcycle accident cases can be complicated and require an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer. The tragedy surrounding untimely death is a tough road, but we offer personal care to the bereaved. At Carabin & Shaw we listen and help guide our clients in Midland and across Texas through difficult times by recommending all of the best legal options that are available. We will fight for you.


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